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    Personal Boundaries

    This is an interesting topic I guess that what it all boils down to, lack of proper personal bounderies in life. As a result, you tend to not get what you really want in life, not just with women. I can bet a AFC is probably unhappy with more than just lack of success with women. Some...
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    AFC's would rather be "right" than happy?

    The problem with AFCs is that many of them are not willing to change thier viewpoints because they feel that they are selling themselves out for the sake of getting laid. There a few reasons, most notably the hostile enviorment men, especailly those in America and the UK, live in. I've spent...
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    Dysfunctional Family HELP ASAP

    If there is only ONE thing you learn from reading other people's replies, ONE thing you remember, it should be this; No matter how bad things are ( or how you THINK they are ) ITS NOT YOUR FAULT!!! Blaming yourself for this is extremely dangerous and destructive! I only show my face here...
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    What if you don't have a girl for valentines?

    On a message board I go to, last year one of its members made this in regards to being single on Valentines Day; So, instead of whining about being single on V - day, screw it and enjoy being single!
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    Why online dating will change what we due

    My friend, I hope your not being serious Online dating sites are a SHAM. Sure, you might find someone to mess around with on such a site but alas, if your really ever hope to find that special someone, you must be willing to go out into the REAL world and faces all the hurdles that are...
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    NO ONE CARES! ( For you shy guys out there! )

    Hey everyone, you do not know me, in fact, you probably do not even care about me but alas, I’ve being away, discovering the true nature of society and learning more about myself in the progress. For those who want to know what ideology specifically, I only offer two 2 words; Pook’s Mill. ;)...
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    Is A Male Ever A Victim of Rape By A Female?

    Yo, dude, wake and smell the bloody coffee, of course guys are victims of rape by females! What kind of fanasty world are you living in? :crazy:
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    More on porn

    I'm with The Truth on this one. Porn is a waste of time, if you ask me. So thats why I generally don't bother with it. I mght look at some ONLY when I'm really bored ( doesn't happen often ) but it isn't ususally for long. Unlike my brother, who probably has about 30 videos of porn on his...
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    2012 The Future of Mankind

    Well, thats a very stupid point of view in life to have! Live in ignorance of what is happening to our world! It makes you a good SHEEP. 2012 is going to creep up on you sooner than you think! :down: I only much the first few minutes of it and I would agree with was said then ( I don't have the...
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    Recommended Book List.

    Good list you have there, A - Unit, I already have a few of those books, I'll be needing to dig them out and re - read them again! Anyways, another book I might suggest to be added to your list is Tuesdays With Morrie, great read, that guy saw through the Matrix and defected it and was able...
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    Read This DJs - Introducing White Rose

    So, when does Project Mayhem start? :whistle: Just kidding, anyways. I like the idea very much but as of now, as I'm still very much learning, I'll only observe as opposed to take any interest in joining right now. I only visit this fourm these days as I think the other ones are full of C***...
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    "The Secret" (Free Google Video)

    Actually, according to the offical fourm of the secret ( I go there but don't post much there ) , one of the speakers who was involved in ut was so disgusted at how the secret ended up being distributed ( they thought it would be shown on TV ) that she asked to have all materials relating to her...
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    "The Secret" (Free Google Video)

    Well, like I might have said before, you really do need to be open minded to fully apreicate this. I know some people will and are dis - missing this as new age nonsense ( I wouldn't blame them, the concept is unconvential ) Maybe the fact your dismissing it as bullcrap is because your fear the...
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    "The Secret" (Free Google Video)

    Thanks man, this will save from downloading from a somewhat unrelibable torrent. Now, I'll off to watch my bandwitch ( sp? ) meltdown! :woo: Edit: I think I'll stick to the torrent, this died on me and you CAN'T resume! :(
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    "The Secret" (Free Google Video)

    Yes, I do have g - mail, it is accloa@gmail.com Also, it might save on time and bandwidth ( SP? ) for you and me but I suggest you compress the file using the new .7z format, I've seen 400mb worth of files compressed into files of only 20mb with it! You can get an app ( freeware as far as I...
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    Why Life Isn't Fair.

    This is actually my first time looking outside of the ' anything else ' fourm here in weeks and then I come across this little gem. I'm going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment, I feel as if others, like my family, who are digging themselves into a hole either through alcoholism...
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    I Give Up On Women!

    Well, after this weekend, I've learned my lesson, that is the last freaking time I let myself be controled by the actions of stupid chick. If I still strong enough, then I MUST GET IT MYSELF! After reading KillaPetehog's post in the paradigm shift topic, I feel inspired, maybe it really IS...
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    I Give Up On Women!

    I keep on seeing myself not finding love until I am my DEATH BED! Yes, I know its a terrible vision but family stuff doesn't help either.
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    I Give Up On Women!

    Fristly, I'm sorry for bringing this up here but I so far in my time here, be able to keep it in check but I JUST CAN'T ANYMORE! This is more of my rant about my so - called ' love life ' , or should I rather say that its non - existant? Why is it non - existant? BECAUSE OF FEAR! No...
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    "The Secret" (Free Google Video)

    My experinces in the past 3 weeks since I saw the Secret. As I said in an earlier post, this movie is life - changing, I can verify that and this is only the begining for me! I'll be downloading that torrent when this month ends ( as my bandwich is running low I feel ) for the purpose of...