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    Financial Forum

    If you're looking for a financial forum, check out www.fool.com . They're charging now - I think $35 a year- but they've got a huge community into investing, education, swapping ideas, etc. Not very entrepreneurial (sp?), as they focus more on financial investments than owning a business, but...
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    The Secret of the Jerk

    A more poetic take on "that whole Dionysian vs. Apollo thing" by W. B. Yeats: "Vacillation" Get all the gold and silver that you can, Satisfy ambition, animate The trivial days and ram them with the sun, And yet upon these maxims meditate: All women dote upon an idle man Although their...
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    How to turn from a loser who is nothing to something?

    Dude. There are 6 billion people on the Earth, give or take a few million. The odds are that you're not the worst off. The odds are that your not the best off, either. Lesson? If you want to feel crappy and depressed about your life, you can find plenty of evidence to justify that feeling. If...
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    What I've learned...

    PDX: "I go pour myself some Old English 800 in a frosted beer stein " Ouch. How old are you? When I hit 20 my stomach could no longer handle the OE. Shudder. You's a braver man than I. Pook: "There is a devouring element in the woman. I'd rather not expand on it. Many guys get swallowed up...
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    Living together with your girlfriend

    2. Women are so gung-ho on the concept of living together. They will even do it with a bf they don't take seriously or love that much. WHY? A very wise, self-aware woman once told me, "The most basic female instinct is to nest". Think about it. Little girls get the play oven, the play...
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    Kill that desperation!

    Not practical in the organized, on top of things, detail-oriented, business-y way. Practical in the sense that they harbor *no* illusions about love or pride or honor that we do. They are all id, and all about satisfying that id. ------------------ Chicks don't think. Chicks feel.
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    Kill that desperation!

    Agreed that this post is too long, but... Oswald Spenlger, in _The Decline of the West_, stated: "Men are the thing becoming, women are the thing become". Chicks are totally natural, totally insinctual, without guiding ideas or philosophy. Chicks are the practical gender, to quote myself...
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    my first #

    Strong work. Now go out and get ten more. ------------------ Chicks don't think. Chicks feel.
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    Talk Is Cheap/Take Action

    I'm thinking of trading my .sig in for: Women talk; men do. Now the hater comment is good, but I'll start a new topic for that one. ------------------ Chicks don't think. Chicks feel.
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    Why are people against improvement? A rant

    They hate you becuz they ain't you. Yes, people are jealous of the way you're taking advantage of life. Ignore them. You're right and they're wrong. Just smile slightly and chnage the topic (or go for a run) every time they start hating on you. ------------------ Chicks don't think...
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    Wow! Completely called out on my own games

    Stay on target.... STAY ON TARGET!!! You're 100% doing the right thing. Her saying "I'm sick of the games" and the little speech afterwards is her acknowledging that her usual tactics aren't working. Her line "what is going on we need to stop with the games right now " "i think you like to...
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    Most obvious come-on that was missed

    Honestly, a lot of these episodes strike me as attention-ho-dom at it's finest - chicks pulling crazy sh1t to get attention, and that's it. I'd think most of these cases, had the victim pursued it, they'da been laughed at and denied. Many of these stories have that "you're being played" vibe...
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    What Are You Guys Thinking?

    Maybe I have been brainwashed. I have no problems dating more than one woman at a time. The difficulty starts when I try to sleep with more than one at a time. Yeah, I do feel a little morally skeezy banging one one night and another the next. But I'm sure I can work on that feeling if I...
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    101 ways to put a little romance in your relationshio

    #81: My favorite romance scene is with her, her twin sister, and the cheerleading team of the local high school. Think she'll go for it? ------------------ Chicks don't think. Chicks feel.
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    Tips For Snagging a Waitress

    Question with closing, my current Achilles heel: How would you close with one of these women? Say the ones you worked with/saw regularly? My personal weakness is coffee baristas, but the same prinicples doubtless apply. ------------------ Chicks don't think. Chicks feel.
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    AFC Gets Girl Back in the End

    That's why the AFCs call it "Getting Lucky". Me, I don't want to rely on luck for getting poontang. I want to have enough game to reliably get the poontang. But yes, most men are AFCs and most get married. Most are also cheated on, andm ost are divorced (most divorces are initiated by the...
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    6 Day Wait Justification

    No worries on the AFC-calling, mate. Hell, if I ever come across as one, please call me on it. Maybe I should check out the NLP deal. I'm not sure I could pull it off without sounding awkward, but it's worth a look. Agreed, it's a tuning process, and adjustments are good, provided that the...
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    Man! I feel like a Woman!

    Women want men, case closed. (Read the "Be A Man!" post for more) ------------------ Chicks don't think. Chicks feel.
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    6 Day Wait Justification

    Galactus: "You are so wrong. That is a totally AFC response. " A serious charge from a DJ I respect, so I'll respond. "Saying a woman can't be understood, so all a man can do is be consistent, hoping that by chance, a woman will react positively. " X's theory: Live your life, do your thang...
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    Does DJ = Player?

    All men are players; it just depends on how you play. EMBRACE THIS ASPECT. Nice Guy Fantasy Land is over. AFC Wonderland is gone. Pook, you are a god. As Snoop sez, it's a play or be played world. Women are instintively players, that's what they do, that's what they are raised to be from...