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    How to build a social circle

    I move all the time because my husband is military. I currently do not know any spouses and we are all separated due to the lack of military housing. It took me a while but there are groups of people out there that do something that you like to do. I would find something you like to do. Then...
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    Critique my cutting diet

    A couple of things. When cutting you only need 1-1.2x bodyweight in protein. You are getting almost 800 calories you don't need from unnecessary protein. You could go to 1.5x, but you aren't going to see much benefit. I think it's a good clean diet, but I think you may be disappointed at...
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    Home Gym

    Start to stretch first exercising with sit ups, pushes, and to work out you can lift weights. but don't overdo it use know your strengths you can do bench presses, butterfly clamps and have leg presses all these are great for a home gym just need the Equipment