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    Cities with the hottest/friendliest chicks

    Well Im from upstate NY. Buffalo is a total college town, girls from all over are a pretty easy lay. But there are no GORGEOUS girls. Ill find maybe one a weekend. I go to school in boston, I leave tomorrow actually, and every time Ive visited the city Ive found handfulls of gorgeous...
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    The International Don Juan Experiment

    Ill be in london in the summer of 2007 =)
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    The International Don Juan Experiment

    First of all... no women. The second you include women you change the dynamic and focus. I know that if shes hot Ill talk to her, and possibly even focus on her, as opposed to the topic at hand. And Ive been around this stuff for years and have a helluva lot of self control. Second... we...
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    The Kiss Trick

    Its a stupid trick. If a woman wants to be kissed, you just need to take her hand, pull her to you, look from her eyes to her lips, and press your lips to hers. Tricks are a waste of time. That goes for magic, palm reading, old school patterning, or anything like it. Its a waste of ****ing...
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    Alpha Male System

    Check out fastseduciton.com... im not familiar with the alpha system... but Id imagine its pretty much the same as jugglers system. Join Masf then take the link on the right of the forum page for the charisma science institute. Find jugglers archives, read those.
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    The L-word.

    Love is real. But you cant understand or even identify it untill you are older and more experienced. My paramiters for saying "I love you" are as follows: -Minimum age of 18 (both parties) -Have to have slept together enough times for sexual comfort zone to be reached (both parties)...
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    Crazyiest place u got a BJ

    It doesnt matter where you get it... all that matters is how good it is! A simple... "Hey, in there" works just fine. I cant even remember all the places Ive gotten head (movie theatres, bathrooms, cars, sleepings bags outside, park benches, ect). But I can remember every mind blowing second...
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    girl im with found this site

    The only differences are created socially and are visible as womens barriers. Period. Black guys have more game? Bull****. I see black guys get toasted at clubs as much as anyone else. I see them wall flowering instead of hitting the dance floor with the girls... and I see them on stage...
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    just asking your opinion about this chick

    You are talking to her about sex... as if it was a bad, unatural thing? The first step in having sex with ANYONE is allowing them the comfort that sex is a free and beautiful thing that everyone should experience. "I wont tell anyone" isnt the way you want to play this. Second, you need...
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    Tellin Ur Hot

    Benassi, first of all, awesome name. Second of all, I know what you mean. Just wait till the GAY GUYS tell you youre gorgeous... then you know youre sexy as hell, lol When girls tell me Im gorgeous/handsome I just look deep in their eyes, smile, and tell them to stop before I blush...
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    Playful slapping

    No. You should never, even when joking, strike a woman. EVER. It plants a dangerous seed in their mind - if I slap him playfully, he slaps me back... if I were to really slap him, would he really hit me? The only reason to strike someone is to prevent undue harm upon yourself or others...
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    How do I introduce myself??

    You shouldnt introduce yourself. You should wait for others to ask your name, it establishes a pattern of them descovering info about you... a pattern where they work to chase after you. Once someone asks your name provide your first, last, and your ethnicity. This surplus of information...
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    Field Report by Smooth Player 056

    That exact approach is from fastseduction.com --------> playerguide 101 --> FR Again, if you dont cite where you got the idea it comes across as a lie to anyone who knows what youre talking about. Honestly, I dont think you even made that approach.
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    The Kiss Trick

    fastseduction.com ----> playersguide 101 -----> some post on kiss closing Honestly, dont post **** without a link, or at least citing the author.
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    Yes, Sammo can get girls to

    Thanks sammo, and I hate to hijack your thread but I hve to update my approach... "in regards to reputation" The date went GREAT! We met at starbucks, conversation was wildly entertaining, but pretty low key. She was obviously sober, and quit shy compared to friday at the club. But she...
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    Don Juan Open

    **** it, count me in no matter where it is. Ill give it the old college try for 18 y/os everywhere... the younger team... varsity team :D
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    Yes, Sammo can get girls to

    Amazing post. ON REPUTATION For me, prom was torture. I was the best looking, best dressed guy from my school. I didnt have a date, and my friends, Ill admit, are a little dorky. So I took it in stride, relaxing and enjoying my last party night with friends... But on my way to the...
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    Don Juan Open

    I go to school in boston, and from what Ive seen thatd be a helluava good place for an even like this. Ive never been to NYC but I guess I could make it there with the right incentive. Toronto or Montreal are also doable for me, as Im originally from Buffalo, NY. I would really preffer if...
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    Heading to the club this saturday. What to test....

    Well Ive already field tested all of this stuff but you should definatly work it into youre routine: Be half dancing and singing along to the song, enjoying yourself. Whenever a hot girl walks by or you walk by a hot girl, bump your ass against hers to the rhythm... but DONT innitiate...
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    Mall/Bar/Club Alone... another FR

    I was at an under 21 dance and pickings were slim... there was only one set of 18/19 year old girls. Four of them, all 7.5-8.5, grinding on eachother. I grabbed a friend of mine and pulled him to the set, just letting them acclamate to our presance for a moment before I grabed one to dance...