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    Why Women Mention Other Men Even IF They Are Interested in You!

    Wow that was a fast response! Helpful too! Thanks a ton!
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    Why Women Mention Other Men Even IF They Are Interested in You!

    Ok I got a question for Wlydfire (the board mom ) If a girl goes on talking about other guys hitting on her or liking her etc etc... Is it ok, and should you go ahead and ask her if she likes these other guys and is thinking about going out with them? If you do, how do you go about...
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    Is She Too Good For Me?

    Simple mental block. Happens to tons of guys, we equate beauty with good and niceness, when its not always the case. We also see a girl as so attractive that she could probably have any guy she wanted and therefore discount ourselves. It's a problem that you learn to deal with, just gotta...
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    An interesting post first placed on gp.com

    I've been looking at that site for about the past half hour, and my lord there are quite a number of guys on there who are total tools. Some real chumps who are completely brainwashed..... Course on the other hand its good to see some DJs like Jake Steed, and Chance and Sociopath trying to set...
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    An interesting post first placed on gp.com

    Go Chance! Just to letcha know you've been quite an inspiration to me as well as a great source of advice.
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    How much $$$ do you spend on dates?

    If she's taking note of how much you're spending as opposed to how much fun the two of you are having together, then why not just get a hooker? Wont it all equal out? Well perhaps not, at least with the hooker sex is guaranteed. Dont go extreme, just make sure its fun, spend just enough to have...
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    What was your breaking point from nice guy to dj?

    I think in the end its just if she comes from a good family and was raised properly with good morals and discipline. Not spoiled and not left to her own devices to become a wild child. As for the brother thing, I dont know if I'd agree there or not. I've known tons of obnoxious chicks who are...
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    When you feel good about yourself the world will notice it.

    "mira mira il pazzo" Uh...that aint spanish hehehe =D looks to be some sort of spanish / italian combo there maybe "mira mira el paso"? which could be taken as something like: "hey look at that trail/street/sidewalk/etc.." or "hey look at that guy's strut/walk" Oh woops almost forgot...
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    What was your breaking point from nice guy to dj?

    What I believe Sir Chance might mean is that in todays society, the vast overwhelming super duper freakin majority of women are women in name only. In the "old days" there was the concept of the "Three B's" for a lady's upbringing. They were Beauty, Brains, and Breeding. When the three were...
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    'Love' - and AFCs

    Have to agree with Wyldfire as well, you're confusing infatuation with love, as has already been stated. Just cause some chump falls hard for some girl that doesnt reciprocate the same feelings or actions and calls it love, does not make it so. I know cause I was that chump at one time and the...
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    Who "enjoys" approaching women?

    Truly a wonderful defeatists attitude! You go girl!
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    I want to smell good what are some good colognes

    I wanna go check out that Aqua de Gio stuff.....
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    I want to smell good what are some good colognes

    Hmm.....I've had alot of girls go gaga over Paul Sebastian (what I usually wear), used to have this one chick just come find me every day and rest her head on my shoulder just so she could sit with her eyes closed and smell me lol =)
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    Who "enjoys" approaching women?

    Ya I wanna know too. And another thing. Pook, I spent 4 hours at Compusa lookin for the version 2.9 software but couldnt find it. Where'd ya get it?