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    Men *created* practically everything - why then do girls give us NO credit?

    Trader, I read the guy before you were born. But that doesn't mean jack, as you will be quick to point out. Men are warriors, women are from Venus, Atlas Shrugged etc etc etc. It's substituting myth in front of experience, which is far more complex. Yes, I read the guy back in the day and...
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    BPD Ex Emails Friend of Mine

    rocket -- 2 yrs relationship? If you're under 30, you won't forget her for 3X that length (it's all a function of that hormonal blood-bath we all get at 12...) Will she intrude (that is, contact you at just the moment you start moving on?) Yes. But you knew that. It'll take you 1-3 girls...
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    Men *created* practically everything - why then do girls give us NO credit?

    Quoting Nietzsche here? Nietzsche's pretty weak, you've gotta admit. Men use what they've got without apology, and women use what they've got without apology. That's the jungle. You can either hang in the jungle, or you can't. Nietzsche talked tough, but I have doubts about him...
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    Gold Digger G/F or just Dumb??Advice needed

    You're gettin' played, guy. Forget the details -- those just confuse you. Look at her actions, not her words. You're getting played. Consider it a good learning experience. She's just doing what comes naturally, which is to say, what she can.
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    Worst female avice exp.

    ha, johnson, you picked up on that too - :) my brain did a back-flip trying to work that out for a second :rolleyes:
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    Lessons learned this year.

    i think his original rules were right on (responding here to the opening post) -- especially the e-mail and phone use. no disrespect, but i saw a lot of AFC responses to those. more to the point, you're seeing guys use phones and e-mails like women do - in a feminized way, in other words...
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    What do you say when woman say ..

    DON'T SAY ANYTHING! just give her a wordless look with something behind it this is a variation of that old bargaining technique where one side makes an offer and you just shut up, let the pressure build, make them uncomfortable and throw more on the table. don't know how to deliver a...
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    Crazy Girlfriend

    "really loves"--? yeah, sure. for a freshman and a sophmore in college, it feels like that. when you're 30 yrs old someday you'll look back and see "first intense relationship one step up from a serious crush." but, like, (porky pig voice here) weally twue wuv? doubt it. you can try...
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    If she gets pregnant - are there legal obligations?

    "yes" to both questions someday when you're not expecting it, you'll get a knock on the door or something in mail (read: paternity suit and/or pissed-off relatives) if you do the latter if you know a family lawyer in your area they can give a run down of the laws in that area.
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    In need of serious advice

    what to expect? expect that she'll do hot-n-cold on you to keep your attention on her, keep you guessing, keep you confused. she'll be sweet and attempt to make up with you when you're pulling away she'll get nasty and accusatory to get you to mollify (sp?) her and make things better...
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    The Secret Society ("Taken" Women)

    "propensity to cheat under the right circumstances..." i like that. how about we approach this from another angle? i often find it useful to strip away the moral argument (what's good or bad and the labeling that goes with that.) call me cynical, but as i get older i find moral arguments...
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    In need of serious advice

    seriously wrong? not yet. she's fvcked up, sure, but it's nothing you're going to solve. it sounds like you're stripping away a lot of the denial or something and trying to see the relationship in the cold brutal daylight. 'understanding' her won't do much for you if you're looking for...
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    I'm ****ing pissed at my friend.

    shame on him for refusing to be a cheap convenience for you! the b@stard! no - worse - the lousy-hung b@stard, that's what he is! i'm sure there's far more to the story and your friendship than what i'm picking up here, but you come off as very self-centered (yah, i know, that's a...
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    Wussy husband ?

    mustachio - just wondering here - what does she do when you give an order? do you ever give orders? answers to that may be illuminating. for my part based on what little you wrote, yes, i think you've been submissive and whipped. she may have a point for her position: if your brother...
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    Need guy advice please! (I am a girl)

    l-s - get yourself in with a no-nonsense counselor who will challenge you on this and get hard-core behavior modification. Everything short of that will be at the Cosmo-level of self-help / therapy -- all nice intentions, excessive rationalizing and endless light-weight analysis leading you...
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    What was this guy thinking?

    Always with the questions! Immaturity, that's why. He couldn't convert a layup with the basket lowered for him. Pathetic. This is where you'll find out if you're street smart or not: cut your losses here or continue playing with this ghetto player. He may grow up, but that will be...
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    Anti-Dump Still Sucks

    good post sexPD i always read his posts as starting after you've qualified her by your interest in her. Instead of simply testing the ocean-wide number of women out there, you narrow it down to those that interest you and then the games begin (maybe not the best choice of words there, but...
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    Just finished reading The Game

    yeah, some. go down a few years on the age ladder and it all starts as new though and then again, so many people in this country just don't read :crackup: :cry:
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    Nice car owners: a question...

    ah - to each his own! LOL. i used to drive wild when i was a courier and your day's take depended on knocking off tags (and one gets so bored after awhile). dunno what happened --age, maybe, or I saw one too many bodies stretched out on the highway. now i drive nice - or nice enough. i...