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    Dating my friends.. Sister...

    it's alright dude. and I like the way you handle her text, I can kinda imagine you as a fine guy. sooner or later your bf will find out, which is fine, just don't play her I guess, since it will get ugly.
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    Do You Want Me To Fight With My Boyfriend?

    yea, I agree with you man. worst thing is just a slap on the cheek, but if you say that she is playful you might **** her soon enough. I think if she knows your intention, and she doesn't go away, then she still likes you. As for me, usually I do this: I kiss the woman on the cheek, then using...
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    Gentle advise needed

    dude, if you don't like spending time with her and such, why do you work so hard to keep her? Just move on... and she has a kid? damnit.
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    What went wrong with the Brazilian girl?

    oh wait, I think I misinterpreted what you wrote. IF you got angry because she cancelled date with you without being needy and desperate, it's totally alright bro. It will put women in their place, so you are doing it right. and since she doesn't have german number and such, I guess facebook is...
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    Why does it feel like my feelings have changed? Really would appreciate some advice

    dude, first, your insecurities are a big turn off, specially when you put that down in words and actually said it *facepalm* so.. like what the others said, now you have done it man. done it really really bad. second, if you think that you don't like her anymore and don't feel the excitement...
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    I'm getting AFC...someone remind me that all will be well...

    hey man, no matter how good a DJ you are, you will feel attachment to the one woman that you spend most of your time with, compared with the other women. You spend more time with her because she makes you feel more special and yea... I experienced this too. But remember bro, men can have...
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    I left a huge hickie on this girl's neck, did I doom future hook ups?

    Idk man, for this one, it depends. some girls like to show it that they are very bad and got hickies here and there, some women just didn't want to show it to everybody. I myself don't like hickies... I told every women that I hooked up with when they started kissing my necks not to leave a...
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    Would a guy get offended or hold a grudge

    I would not show my emotion or whatsoever, but I will get dressed immediately and leave her and never to talk to her again. What for? Waste of your time.
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    gf made out with some dude during break up

    Dude, are you trolling or what? WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE CONCERNED AGAIN? yes, capslock intended.
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    What went wrong with the Brazilian girl?

    and maybe when you move on, she will look for you, but I heard she is gonna be gone before long? Then just look for other chicks man. and WHY FACEBOOK? I never ask for facebook from girls, just ask for their numbers, and call! no texting and those bull****s.
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    What went wrong with the Brazilian girl?

    I don't even have to finish reading what you wrote and I just knew what your problem man, you are just horny and sound horny at the same time, and girl sees it as desperate. So yea, that's the problem. What you should do now? move on.
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    Paying on dates

    I am usually paying for the first date, usually the girls will want to pay for her own portion (I am always getting these awesome girls) and I always said, 'pay for our next date'. That way I have already secured a potential next date and also made her to invest on me.
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    I Feel Guilty For Spinning Plates

    like what you said espi. you put it in words better than I did.
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    I Feel Guilty For Spinning Plates

    everyone of us are like that man. I don't really go frontal full throttle to the chicks I am bangin and tell them names. I just don't tell them, keep distance (emotionally too), and they will just know there is no strings attached with me. If they found out, they will act like they don't know...
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    I Feel Guilty For Spinning Plates

    how can you be so sure if you haven't tried it? I know, from experience, that there are some women who don't mind no strings attached. And yes, there are some women that will think sex = exclusivity, but there are many, MANY women out there that defines exclusivity = you can only sex up with me...
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    No matter what I do, I cant get over my ex...Eff!

    it's pretty normal even for non-AFC to feel this way mate. You have done what you should have done, but do it not for the sake of forgetting her, since your conscious mind keeps telling yourself to forget about her will deal reverse effect on you. If I keep tell you not to think about one thing...
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    I have an opportunity to step outside my comfort zone

    jokish kind of response: act AFC and she will go away. serious response though, whitewash, sweet talk her that you can't do a LTR right now blah blah blah. That will work with women whose dads you don't want to piss off. if you want to try it out with her, and if she is into you, then she...
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    I Feel Guilty For Spinning Plates

    It's about how you spin the plates. From what I saw on your post, you have been lying and not being true to the women. You might also feel guilty because you feel that you have played with their heart and feeling. Believe me bro, if you keep doing it, it's gonna turn ugly. and wait, don't get...
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    Fifteen Lessons

    pook, wherever you are, I love you man!