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    what in the hell to do (ex)

    I vote for number 1. Added bonus, if things don't work out with the other guy she still has you. If I was you I would keep having sex with her but try to get rid of this "feeling" thing.
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    what does this mean?

    Well, this is not exactly Nexting because there was nothing to next in the first place. In any case the OP did something that seemed totally weird but she responded in a very ugly way. How many people would like to spend time with someone who thinks of them as idiots? Maybe she was right to be...
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    what does this mean?

    You should respond to that message demanding a reason why she called you an idiot. Maybe asking her how you could change her mind :crackup: That's me being an @ss here. Sorry I couldn't resist. A simple text with the word "B1TCH" should suffice.
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    Ok is it me or is this how its supposed to work?

    Besides the complaints what else is there? Did they dump you? Did you dump them?
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    What to do in this situation

    So they are not real IOI's. Maybe she is a very social person. In any way I wouldn't mess with my buddy's woman even if she is a ONS because it can complicate things too much. Maybe if she was a total wh0re things would be different but I would stay away just to be safe with my friend.
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    Regaining power in LTR? Girls INVESTING in LTR?

    Always in a relationship, he who cares less has the most power. Just be careful. He who cares less not he who doesn't care at all. I would add to your list 3. Go out sometimes without her. 4. Doing things that you like very much and getting her involved with them. But don't overdo it. i.e. If...
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    Argh... damn gut feeling

    Actually I don't care only of what she might thinking. I care of what is my image in the entire group. You know how bytches get together and and gossip about this and that. The problem is that I just got out of an very LTR and I neglected my social circle so much that now its gone. Others got...
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    Argh... damn gut feeling

    Yeah I know. That's not my concern. My concern is that I lowered my image so much that next time I will met her if I ignore her in any way I will seem like an egoistic bastard. So I must give her some attention. But it will be kind of weird because she will have the aura of the winner who...
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    Argh... damn gut feeling

    Ok... so I got this girls number, I have to admit, not much kino from me but some IOI's from her. Anyway I call her 4 days later and she didn't pick the phone. I call her the next day and I get her at her work. Didn't want to bother her much at her work so I didn't do any game there. I just...
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    "You're a nice guy, you just need to find the right girl"

    That means that you are a very nice guy who is not a thereat in any way. You are a good provider and a quiet sheep i.e. a boring AFC. I remember once an older woman told me that she has a daughter and I would be a perfect husband for her. I asked "What you will give us for dowry? I will need...
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    3 things losers do...

    In context of "getting women" what is the difference between Next and Quit? I mean yeah the experienced DJ can read the signs even if they are mixed and proceed as needed. But for inexperienced?
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    "You're a nice guy, you just need to find the right girl"

    You should respond "Until I find that right girl can I have sex with you?" :D:D:D
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    My MOM is an a-holes...

    Bad move to discus such things with your mother. You should talk with your father instead. You could tell him things like "I have to grow up now", "I have to be more open to social circles", "If I don't do such things now how do you expect me to be a man and interact with people" etc. At last...
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    Need help

    The way I see it she has things to do with her life and you are not even 1% of her life. On the other hand she said I can't today but what about someday this week. I think this is an indicator of medium IL. It's not much but it is something you can work with. If I were you I would had a phone...
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    Need help

    Don't NEXT her yet. She gave you a counter offer. And don't make your counter offers so soon (You can't make it today? How about tomorrow? No? How about after tomorrow?) because it shows that you don't have anything else to do with your time. And I personally don't set up first or second...
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    Please I need Help GF gone

    burn them :D
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    Can you honestly say you wouldn't go back to your ex?

    I would give it a try. If you were the AFC then is time to shine with your new knowledge. If it happened long time a go chances are that things have changed. If you don't like it you can NEXT her an have yet another number to count. As always proceed with caution.
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    How quickly can you get over someone you love.

    Give up all expectations to be back together. Avoid her completely, you don't have to be friends. Get another woman and avoid comparing the new one with the old one. Get your self busy and try to avoid memories of her (activities you did together, her smile, the gaze in her eyes etc.). If you...
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    I used the caffeine free version because I am drinking too much coffee. Anyway my conclusion was that they were money badly spent. I bought the box when I started going to the gym. I didn't see any side effects but I didn't see any extraordinary results either. My goal was to get rid of the...
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    Wise Tales From An Old Fart (Entry #1)

    Studying things is sometimes a very important thing for a kick start. At least the basics. The problem is that most men learn the wrong things by movies, the mothers and the women around them. When I first found this site I thought that it was OK to spit your guts to the conversation because...