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    Who is the longest currently active member?

    I don't recommend marriage even as a man grows older. For a forum full of men it is astounding how no one seems to retain knowledge of the past and present. As men, please understand the statistics ARE against you. Your children and your finances will be at the mercy of an emotional, unstable...
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    Who is the longest currently active member?

    i've got some history here. i remember Rollo before he became Rollo
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    Sioux Falls

    sioux falls is rough, i had better luck in rapid city. greatlife fitness is the only spot i can think of for getting girls
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    Game is for average to ugly guys.

    I can relate to everything the OP has stated. It is very sobering. At best: I have a much easier time seeing past a woman's looks and treating them like everybody else. It is much easier to have the same expectations of respect from a beautiful woman as I do from everyone else. It is is now...
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    Early Thirties Life Change

    The path of self improvement will automatically create a lifestyle without you having to search for one. I think the questions you should be asking are: Why am I unhappy ? What specific aspects of my life need to improve ? Physical Mental Financial Emotional Spiritual Social What do I need to...
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    Cant think of a career

    @ Fuglydude This is the route I'm taking right now. You only need 1 year of ICU but lots of people get away with 6 months if you have a solid GPA (3-8 - 4.0) along with your BLS, ACLS and PALS.
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    Cant think of a career

    I am also a personal trainer and nutritionist. I think you should focus on money NOT passion. make a check list of all the tangible things you want in life. (be specific) -nice house -nice Car -3 Vacations out of the year -etc. Figure out how much it will cost every month. Find a job that...
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    [LTR] ****y/funny guy keeps dissing me when im with gf

    I DON'T like having to be fake or tolerant of anything that makes me uncomfortable. I DON'T like stooping to other idiots levels and trying to beat them at their own game. What I DO like is personally confronting the guy when my girlfriend is not around and telling him how much I don't like...
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    It's nice to see a woman with a goal in life

    great example she's setting for her kid
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    Post Your Favorite Thick Curvy Girls

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
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    Bored of it all

    I can't relate or offer anything useful to you guys. I find dating to be exciting and a girl ends up going on a date with me only if I am interested in her. Flirting also gives me a rush. I guess it might be a combination of being well received by many different women I find attractive and...
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    Bored of it all

    @ White pimp If women are attracted to you because of your "blunt honesty" then why is it so hard to call them up for sex (NOT a date) if that is all you want ?? What are your interests in life ?? Can you NOT find a girl with similar interests as yourself ?? If all you want is sex and you...
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    Let me see result pics from hitting gym!

    Where are your pics ?
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    Switching from P90X to weight training: need advice on my routine

    This is the worst thing you can ask anyone to do. Just keep doing what your doing with good form. As you gain experience you will begin to develop specific goals for yourself and you will become familiar with the exercises that are effective in getting you to those goals. Think of YOUR...
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    Training For All Round Body Functionality

    assertion of what ?
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    Workout Log

    Ill start off light, 45 or 65 lbs and just keep going up in 10lb increments. I do 1 lap around the outer edges of a 5,000 Sq ft facility before I increase the weight.
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    Buying a girl flowers....

    Inexperienced guys will vote against flowers but the reality is flowers are a very very powerful gift to give to a woman. If she likes you getting flowers for a girl will work to your advantage tremendously (even for the women who say they don't want flowers) !! Keep in mind that flowers alone...
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    Training For All Round Body Functionality

    @ Kerpal you dont need a source for anything, your smart enough to understand the point i was trying to make.
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    Training For All Round Body Functionality

    @ J. Darko. I don't agree with everything you said (in your last post) but your thinking in the right direction sort of*. I give advice based on my experience. My full time business (that I own) is a strength and conditioning instruction/coaching (what ever you want to call it). I've been...