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    Why you can't tell when a girl is lying to you

    The hamster and women's predilection for deceit comes from the same place: They are driven by their emotions. The function of the lie is in order to allow them to do what they want to do. Sometimes overt, direct deception is required, such as when they plan to cheat. The function of...
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    The Great Text Debate

    The problem is that most guys SUCK at texting. They try to establish attraction, rapport, comfort and all those game buzz words over text and they usually fail. I've failed and all of us have seen cringe worthy field reports about texting. Fail safe mode: only use it to set up...
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    Canceled second date...thoughts?

    Your next move is nothing. Simply wait for her to contact you, but I wouldn't hold my breath. She's likely got other guys lined up and probably had a date with one that hit her buttons better than you. Hugged? No kissing? Some other guy got her hot and maybe even banged her. You? You were...
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    Should I take the Bait

    Go out and hit on other chicks at another bar. See if you can get one to bounce with you to the place girl 1 invited you too. Make sure to show up late (even if you don't get another girl to go with you). And make sure she comes to you. Don't go out of your way to invade her space. If she...
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    main plate offers no counter date...next ?

    A dog can get bored with a toy after a while, unless its its favorite one, which it will tend to protect, watch, not lose, etc. If a woman perceives a guy as high value, she rarely do anything to mess it up as stupid as canceling a date to go "hang with friends." So her canceling on you...
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    Any cases of an old oneitis coming back and you didn't give a fvck?

    Yes. I'm pretty quick to next a chick these days, as compared to my past. I'll put in my bid (i.e., flirt, ask out, try to bed, and so on... not always in that order :up: ) and if she bites, I'll pursue more. If she is a little coy (i.e., predictable sh!ttest to see if you are "sincere" about...
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    This is unchartered territory for me; LTR asked me for a two-week break

    First, listen to the board's collective wisdom. They know of what they speak. Second, ask yourself, "If a woman really thought of her man as 'high value', would she ever ask for a break? Would she ever do anything that might jeopardize her losing him?" The answer to those questions tells you...
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    What do you guys think of this situation?

    Have her meet you at your place and bang her before dinner. That is, if getting the sex is your major priority. If you are wondering if she is just using you for dinner (i.e., resources), then you need to physically and verbally escalate sexually during your date. You call her your...
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    Cut loose or carry on pursuing lightly?

    Dude, she's telling you that's she's on the fence about this guy and if you don't step up your game she's going to decide on him. She's sh!t-testing you, daring you to take her if you have the ballz. Get her out, show her a fun time, kino/escalate, and close that sh!t. She's basically...
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    Roosh wrote: women pick bartenders over heart surgeons

    You're expecting a women to act logically.... haven't you learned? Also, someone mentioned "situational" alphas. At the bar, the bartender is the high status guy, every often. That doctor in the corner sipping his Manhattan? She could give a **** (until the wall arrives, of course). At...
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    best course of action

    Tepid answer to date solicitation = low, low interest. No answer to phone call = likely no interest (could be busy, at work, etc.) Doesn't contact you afterward = no interest. Result: move on And....entering stage right, Judge Nismo's sage go to advice: a woman interested in you...
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    What's the funniest thing you heard a female say?

    Gamed a chick at a bar for about 1 hour. Grabbed my keys and said, "I'm going home, you should come with me." She follows me in her car, up the sidewalk, into the house, the bedroom, clothes come off...bang. As I get to fifth base, "I've never done that before." Cackle. As she leaves...
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    Should I really care about this girl any more?

    You seem to be ignoring lots of advice from experienced guys on here and/or simply arguing with them. I'm not going to chastise you for this or repeat their advice. But coming from someone who once was in a LDR like yours, I'll tell you this... If you remain in this relationship while...
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    Why do girls do this?

    Exactly right, honorable judge Nismo. Last year, there was a girl I was gaming a bit, trying to get out, bang, etc. You know the drill. Though I never blew up her phone or got into too many online chats, there were a few (and none very long). At the end of every one, she signed off "xoxo"...
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    Top 4 things you look for when Dating a woman

    While men don't have the 475 point checklist women often do, men are interested in more than just 4 things.... But here's a list I would put together: 1) Physically attractive. Do your best with what you have. Get/stay in shape, dress nicely, have a nice hairstyle, and put on some make-up (but...
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    Questions to challenge you guys

    You clearly lack confidence. And this is the number one thing that women like plus the number one thing guys advise each other on. "Real" men are confidence people, at least in several arenas of life. The problem newbies have when they hear this is that they think they are just supposed to...
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    Anyone care to make a prediction?

    This may be hard, but IF she comes back, don't take her. If she comes back it's because: a) The other guy dumped her and she wants you to validate her worth. b) She grew bored with the other guy and wants you back to validate her worth. c) The high off the new...
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    Any success stories with women from your AFC days?

    First, check my username. In my history, as I reflect on over 30 years of chasing tail, I see past (and sometimes still present) behaviors that fit the AFC mold, while at the same time see things I did that fit squarely within the RedPill/DJ mold. One thing that happened to me was that...
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    EVERYTHING a man needs to know about women

    Quality post, PlayerHerMan.... Two things in response. In the first part, the narrator advises a man always ask himself what a woman's goals, interests, objectives might be when she initiates any sort of interaction with you. That's good advice. Just last night I was at a party and a woman...
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    help! **** test??

    Wait until you graduate highschool to worry about women so much.