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    PAIN, The great teacher

    Damn Hef, What your sayin sounds genuine. This is some real true to life lessons that everybody has or is going to experience. Thoughs of you who haven't experienced it yet need to listen to Hefs words. Pain, the great teacher. That's for real.
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    what do you do when she says the magic words?

    Don't tell her that you feel the same way unless you do. It is a mistake to say, "I love you too", just because it seems like the right thing to say. "I love you" is a very serious statement. I'd say something like "I don't want to say that I love you until I am absolutely sure I mean it. I...
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    My Pet Peeve

    I usually don't respond to post when people as for help for specific people and I'm not one of them. Example (Please help AD, Krynster, Don Juanita) If they ask for people by name, and my name isn't there, I feel like they don't want my opinion, so I don't offer it. ------------------ Mellow
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    steps toward inner peace

    I've been on this strong self-analysis trip lately and have been looking for good articles on inner-peace and self satisfaction. I found this one and I thought that some of you might enjoy reading it. It's kind of long, but, if you can handle it, Tell me what you think...
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    New rule on setting up dates

    Deezy, As a moderator, I sometimes make mistakes myself, but, as soon as someone brings it to my attention, I try to correct it. I will move this post to the tips section where it belongs. ------------------ Mellow
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    New rule on setting up dates

    From reading 2 smoothes post as well as my own post about the Victorias Secret girl, we can establish a new rule for saving money and time. Rule: If it's not a date, don't waste your time. Tell them, "that's okay, I'm actually looking for a date, not just a friendly get together, you don't even...
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    Do all girls act like don juanita? wait for the guy to approach?

    Actually John, I like it when women have this attitude. It really helps your confidence when you approach a female to think to yourself that she is just sitting back waiting on you to come talk to her and that the only reason that she hasn't approached you yet is because she's worried about how...
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    When she asks you to go through your past relationships

    Girls will often test you to see if you are confident and assertive. One test is to ask a guy about his past relationships. They might not really care about your past relationships,but, the reason for asking is to see if you come up with the correct response, "my past relationships are really...
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    Talking Less Can Raise Her Interest Level!

    Excellent advice and very true. Kind of goes along with my post Back to school with a new attitude. I can personally testify to the effectiveness of talking less. ------------------ Mellow
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    Back to school with a new attitude

    Fall semster is now in session at my school, two weeks after my birthday. I'm 30 now, so I'm looking at myself and I've decided that it's time to start acting more mature and dressing more conservative. Just last year, I was dressing like someone in their early 20's and very verbal in classes...
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    The Cycle

    Exactly ------------------ Mellow
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    The Cycle

    I understand what your saying Leo, but, Like MaMo said, as long as she is working for your attention, you give it to her. This does not suggest ambiguity. What it suggest is that you will match interest for interest, but, if she starts taking your interest for granted, it's time to cut back. As...
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    The Cycle

    Very good post Mamo, I actually do this cycle your talking about and can vouch for its effectiveness. I follows the principle of classical conditioning (for you psychology buffs) and is based on the premise that "less is more". The more attention you show in a relationship, the less valuable it...
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    How do u handle chicks that blow u off?

    You've got the right ideal. She blew you off so the last thing you want to do is call her, that is her job. When and if you hear from her, don't say anything. Let her squirm for a while and figure out what she needs to say to you. More than likely, it will be some lame @$$ excuse. "You never...