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    I want to move on and forget a girl

    hmmm... I see a newbie in the town of sosuavevillie. Nothing personal, Just my raw view A woman would say things you want to hear, you pay attention to her ACTIONS. WAKE UP!! Signals!! Really so are we all going to wait for the signals to make a move! We are men, we conquer worlds, and we...
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    I want to move on and forget a girl

    Forgetting a girl..Hmmm I might be a bit harsh on you but don't take this personally. There is always a better woman out there. The fact that you are unable to forget her makes me feel that you had put this creature on a pedestal. Seems like you are living in the world of scarcity. You said...
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    "I have a boyfriend"

    You just turn around without a I had a similar incidence at the gym. Igniter: I was wondering if we could hang out to know each other. Girl: Sorry....I have a ..... Before she could say a word after sorry Igniter turns 180 and goes back to do tricep extensions. Girl: ( chasing Igniter) hey..I...