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    Girl is flirting with other guys in front of meh!?

    Someone once said to me, "*****es will be *****es." She was just being a girl. Girls "flirt" with other guys all the time, dude, relax and let it go. Maybe, next time, if he's escalating it a little too far, step in and say something, but if it was just harmless flirting, chill out...
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    Got Friendzoned?... Or did I?

    Why are you going to pursue this woman? Seriously, if this woman has any credibility she is going to stay with her man. She said it herself, she's in love with this guy. I mean, how long has this girl been with this guy? If they've been together for awhile, then, dude seriously, pursuing...
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    called her out on her games, what now?

    You should have seen if you could have come over to the party! Are you kidding me? This could have been an amazing opportunity to get in good with this girl. Go over there, impress her and her sister, I mean when you got the sister's approval you're getting it in for sure. But instead...
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    I am 100% convinced that the college debt bubble is going to make the housing bubble

    Great post(s) Danger and thanks for the response! I learned quite a bit about the author of the article (he looked innocent enough :crackup: ) and this whole catastrophe. Sorry I couldn't reply faster, though. Anyways, I kept up with 95% of what you said, and I can see it making sense...
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    Really like this new girl

    Phew! I was gonna say this guy is beyond help if that's what he's looking for.
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    Really like this new girl

    Why do guys want to get into relationships so quickly? Has the OP ever been in a serious LTR?
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    I am 100% convinced that the college debt bubble is going to make the housing bubble

    According to Paul Krugman, a journalist for The New York Times, this is not true. In his article Wall Street Whitewash he discusses how republican commission members have sabotaged the investigation into the financial crisis. Mr. Krugman says, "We should have realized the modern Republican...
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    Women LIE in order to maintain POWER

    I've had a ton of women lie to me, saying I'm the best they've ever had. After you hear that so many times you actually start to believe it. Women are tricky little ****s.
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    Google Bans Alex Jones

    I see your point, and maybe it's because I don't buy into the guy's, "the end is near and your government is the one responsible," shtick, but I really don't see this as a problem. I mean all the guy does is disseminates a bunch of BS really. Plus, it's gotta be unhealthy for people to think...
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    If you were my boyfriend, you'd be nicer to me.

    Guy, I think you're cool. If she likes you, YOU'RE IN! Just keep doing whatever you're doing and don't do anything crazy, like get incredibly emotional around her. For example, don't explode in anger in front of her and make her cry or anything outrageous like that. She's probably going to...
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    Why is it okay to show female male violence

    Don't you know about the global feminazi conspiracy to rid us males of our testicles. Duh. I think that pretty much explains what is going on here. I'm kidding around. If you wanna see guys beat on women I think you got some deeper issues going on. There are social norms, and one of...
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    Half of America will be facing diabetes by 2020

    1. http://diabetes.webmd.com/guide/type-2-diabetes 2. http://www.providence.org/oregon/health_resource_centers/diabetes/aae_risk.htm 3. http://www.texasheart.org/HIC/Topics/cond/Diabetes.cfm Alle gory: Although there is a hereditary link, anyone can develop diabetes.
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    Korean conflict

    Anyone who doesn't believe that there is a China, United States and Australia should have a quick look at a map, and then shut the **** up.
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    Korean conflict

    :crazy: coo-coo!
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    Chicks who smoke pot

    HAHAHA! Oh boy! Bringing me back to my college days! Have I ever dated a girl who's smoked pot... :crackup:
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    America: The Grim Truth

    For sure Kerpal! Some of these guys on here... :crazy:
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    Came home from a good workout, all of a sudden I hate women.

    Korrupt, that's to bad you have to do all that to get laid. You must be really ugly or not have any money. jk
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    Gold Sets New Record as QE2 Devalues Fiat Currencies

    They're gonna print more money! That's awesome! More money for me to stack! I can't wait to get my hands on some of that! Oh wait, you guys are mad they're printing more money? Ok cool, ya'll complain, I'll collect. Peace.
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    How can I get more purpose behind my life?

    Perhaps you should get cha money up boy?