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    Female AFCs and how to handle them.

    If all you're looking for is drunken sex with this chic then by all means continue. It seem thats all she is after anyway. Never grant her exclusivity, just a good time. If you're tires of her chasing after you though, change venues where you drink. Invite her friend someplace else, and then get...
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    Holding open doors for women

    I concur. I don't open the doors for all women anymore (meen for that matter either) If I do it, I don't give much thought to it. It just reall depends if I'm having a shyttie day or not. I quit giving AF as to how a woman feels about it. They want equality, then I give them that in every sense...
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    Mostly Weak Men Are The Ones Who Have Girlfriends

    I've been on here a a member for quite a long time now. I rarely post; only when I feel it's needed, really. This is a great post and I've seen alot of b.s. thru the years. Take the advice from Rollo and run with it.
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    Love and the test of time

    I'm in a similar situation right now. You're post have helped me out in a ways. Although I've been a member for some years, I rarely post, but you've conveyed, some thoughts I've been having with myself over the last couple of weeks. Keep posting updates as the need arises.
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    SHUT THE F*CK UP... obey your d*ck

    CoSign... :woo: Cause this was a real ass thread u posted. :rockon:
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    has anyone one noticed this yet?

    I dunno but, I noticed something similar here in North Carolina too. I see the same hoes every other weekend or so. I see some of the same guys too. They do dance, but I don't see alot of women who go home with the guys, or vice-versa. I am able to observe this from the third-person...
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    Ex calling me

    Keep giving her the iggy button. She just wan't Validation that she made the better choice, in leaving you. Don't give her that satisfaction.... the other grass she's ****ting on is probably turning 3 shades of brown now. Like most AW that brake up, she's looking for some attention. Continue to...
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    Does divorce really mean loss of half your assets?

    When I start thinking I may one day give in to a lady, and give up Bachelorhood , for a woman, 3.5 children, a house with white pickett fencing, and a tree with Goodyear Tire Swing, I come back to you guys on sosuave!! I've been a member this many years, and I rarely post unless urged to do...
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    Pimp Accordingly

    Magnificent Posting. As much experience as I hold, in dealing with women, I too must remember these things as well. Pimp Pimp Hoezrays!!
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    This is why you don't go to bars/clubs alone

    Listen San Hoesay: I don't need to validate my game to someone who's still wet behind the ears, and is just starting to get bass in his voice. I go to bars and clubs by myself all the time one: I bounce do security at them, 2: I have more fun and meet prettier and more abundant women out for a...
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    This is why you don't go to bars/clubs alone

    Thats some bullshvt, and the bartender knows it. The bartender is just mad cause he wouldn't have the ballz to do it hisself if he wasn't behind the bar. He is th fvcking flake just like the bvtches he needed to validate his weak ascertation. What do you think?
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    women contacting you after a year

    Whats up with *****es tryina screw me, do me cause I did a movie, throw the ***** at me but before they never knew me; Rather die than let u play me for a busta... -2Pac- Be High Til' You Die homie!!
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    anyone pickup callgirls?

    I concur.
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    Lay Report : 36 Year Old Milf.

    Pimps up!!:up: Hoes Down!!:down: Dvck this hoe down before rugrats get back and be out the fvcking door!! You Know!!!!:rockon:
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    So does it come down to you being a good provider?

    Get ya games tight fellas!!! Be picky, but be prepared for the best:up: and worst:down: out of a female!
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    A Lump of Coal?

    Fvck that!! Just Do It!! Never downplay a flash of genious when you get an idea!!
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    You know, STR8UP might be right here...

    Interesting topic. Basically the way i see this whole discussion boiling down to a 50/50 coin toss on game day.
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    Unrequited love with best friend, need help on how to go about things

    Jeez Rollo!! I don't know how many more times you have to go through the stages of AFCness. This is the prime example of why you must sacrifice your heart for the sake of being able to differentiatate between a potential gf and a girl you'd just like to fvck. Moneybanks24 move on...
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    Are there alot of married guys

    No. At least not me.
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    My bestfreind likes me

    hahah!! funny