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    Same Apartment Building

    Just say no.
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    Is it safe to ejaculate outside?

    This thread completely failed to live up to my expectations going in. :rofl:
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    Post World with AI: The Future of Relationships and Dating

    It already was over for Incels. This won't change that in any way.
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    Emotional eating weight gain

    I fell off the wagon and ate a whole freaking pizza last night at 10PM. Felt like complete crap all day. Back on the wagon again.
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    Got rejected by HB10..how to overcome irrational fear i will never come across another HB10 or better women?

    You could start by taking this woman off the pedestal. She is not as hot as you think she is. She's not perfect. She isn't an angel. You're simply infatuated with her currently and not able to discern what is real from the idealized angelic illusion in your own head. Would a HB10 want to date...
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    New Rian Stones's book: Praxeology, Volume 1: Frame

    Cool. Will check out. I like Rian Stone's style and writing. He is fun and informative to listen to.
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    Matt Walsh: Dear single dudes: it’s time to man up

    That article is disaster for men. An article like that pisses me off to a certain extent. Let's recognize there is a serious loneliness epidemic for men but let's provide a recipe for disastrous marriages leading to the meat grinder of divorce as a solution. Wrap that all up in guilt thrown...
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    Best response to "You never text me first". We are not dating yet.

    "You're just not that interesting." :rofl: "Come over and we'll chat."
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    How do you guys apply "Walking Away"

    Perception is everything. Nothing that you do or say to her will be more powerful than the movie she plays in her own head about what is happening when you withdraw attention and validation. This is why silence is such a powerful tool when leveraged.
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    Some guys have to fall REALLY far before they see the light. The fact that he at least tried to kick her out might eventually mean that he'll find his balls. Damn though. I can't even imagine their home life at this point.
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    Probably a dead horse but how young should one be to start getting on a skincare routine?

    Bone broth is great. It's a great way to add some animal protein and collagen into your diet.
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    FR - Vet student

    That's a really well-written FR. It really helps to layout how the red flags popped up along the way during the meetup and to see where it ended and the final result. Women are the architects of their own destruction these days. You can see why she's perpetually single.
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    Why do non-white guys chase after meh/10 white women

    DDD, that's really interesting analysis. I never quite considered it from that angle fully. There are some beautiful Arabic and Indian/Pakistani women floating around. Something utterly sensual about arabic women with the right look in my eyes.
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    Is LinkedIn simply Tinder for careers?

    I really dislike LinkedIn. I get that it's a way to simply connect for resumes and what not, especially in certain industries like tech. Otherwise though, it's 100% a platform of woke/progressive bs. All the content posted is just more of what infests society and the corporate world these days.
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    Hooking up is not viable in 2023?

    I have seen posts for awhile that Seeking Arrangements is nothing like it was. The grift is on within that app compared to what it used to be like to meet women. No personal experience with it to vet the accuracy of such opinions.
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    video: The Shame of Adult Virgins and their Identity Crisis

    HealthyGamerGG has some great content actually
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    The Devilish Man?

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    Sorry Guys, Science Says Women Care Quite a Bit About How Tall You Are

    Is the obsession with big boobs healthy? Asking for a friend... :cool:
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    Niches: what are the advantages & disadvantages?

    That's a great and well laid out video SW15. He frames it really well for us data driven types. It'd be great to see someone take that a step further and try and discuss the impacts of improving your game and social skills on things. His point about flattening the curve made totally sense for...