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    When she brings up the "50/50" feminism.

    Quote by Pedro... [/b] DAMN!!! Pedro hit the nail on the head with that one!!! The problem I've found with modern "Feminism" is that the only equality they are seeking is that of the opportunistic variety; they want the same benefits we men enjoy, but God forbid we should hold them to the same...
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    enjoy your uniqueness ...

    Sure, your post sounds like some New-Age wishy-washy bullsh!t, but upon re-reading it I can see that you make a valid point. No two people are alike; likewise, no two DJ's will mack in the same way. There are as many individual "styles" out there as there are personalities, and what works for...
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    My Sh*t Theory

    [/b] I'm very inclined to agree, BUT... ...how does this explain how I managed to completely forget about a date with a hottie I'd recently met, just to have her STILL wanting to f_ck my brains out a week later? If you don't act like you need them, that's when they want you... women are funny...
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    Over 30 DJ's

    hannibal82 says: Hey, man, don't let it get you down too much. If you've been following the thread up to this point, you might notice a consensus forming here; it's not that us DJ's get all washed up at 30+ yrs, it's just that the dateable women in this age group seem fewer and farther between...
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    Over 30 DJ's

    Well, at least I know I'm not alone ! It's funny how a lot of what I've read in this post so far sounds just like the very same sh!t I've been saying about my love life for about the past couple of years! Where I live, most of the women my age are either married by now, or they got the hell...
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    It shouldn't be a surprise that this stuff should work. Think about it - AFC's knock themselves out of the game all the time with negative affirmations (anyone that beautiful must have a man, why can't women approach me for a change, etc.); and, of course, the sh!t they say to themselves always...
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    Verbal Combat : How to handle hurtful remarks given by others to bring us down?

    All of these responses are cool (because hindsight is always 20/20), but as someone who used to get f_cked with a lot himself, I have to ask - how does any of this help IDJ the NEXT time d_ckface (or whatever is name is) comes back around: believe me, he'll be back! Here's how I handled my...
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    Learning to walk away

    Okay, so you've read and re-read the DJ Bible, you've improved your wardrobe, grooming, skills, etc., and you've built up the confidence to talk to women - you are ready! But what happens when you get that first rejection, or get dissed by that 10 that you really wanted? What if you are in a...
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    the chick already knows what you're trying to do so get your head out your ass

    Is it just me, or does Womanizer know what the f_ck he's talking about? A DAMN good post! ------------------ That chick you're obssessing over already HAS a p*ssy... she doesn't need another one, so be a man!
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    KISSING: The effect it has on women

    I guess it depends on which set of lips you're kissing ************************* That chick you're obsessing over already HAS a p*ssy... she does'nt need another one, so be a man! [This message has been edited by El Perro (edited 04-16-2002).]
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    For all you angry and bitter guys....

    strwy2hvn420: ACF=[A]verage [F]rustrated [C]hump RTFB! ------------------ ************************* That chick you're obsessing over already HAS a p*ssy... she does'nt need another one, so be a man!
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    Wrip Up Her Number

    No, Pro, I think you've missed the point. What this guy is trying to say (misspellings and all) is that you should never (I repeat, NEVER) carry a torch for some chick who's probably just playing you. YOU know what you want; if SHE dosn't know what she wants, it's time to NEXT her. DJ's have no...
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    Hot and Cold, Hot and Cold, Drive them Wild!

    Now THIS is why I came to this site!!! I think I'm going to try this with a chick I've been talking to. KCFlyer, that post ROCKED!!! ------------------ ************************* That chick you're obsessing over already HAS a p*ssy... she does'nt need another one, so be a man!
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    rejection collection

    WHY is this not in the DJ Bible?!? Really, that was great advice, and I'm going to start applying it! ------------------ ************************* That chick you're obsessing over already HAS a p*ssy... she does'nt need another one, so be a man!
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    Looking to Marry the right Person?

    I think there is at least a grain of truth in this post. In my former line of work (police officer) you always hear how a lot of criminals are a product of the enviroment in which they were raised, not just in the streets but in the home as well. Why would'nt the same hold true concerning...
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    Offensive vs defensive plays

    Another great post WildThang...I'm really enjoying your work. FOR THE RECORD. This is how I would handle the following situation. HER: "So why should I think you're special compared to all the other guys who want me?" KEYMASTER: {Looks at her for a moment. Grins} "This" {Gets up. Leaves...
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    The Holy Grail of Dating

    NOW I get it!!! I'm posting this one on the mirror!
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    Most Essential Don Juan Trait

    Wow, you guys sound bitter as hell! MsThang, I know it can be hard to listen to criticism, advice, etc. when it's being delivered with this much seething hate, so I think I'll attempt to translate the previous opinions (without the flaming bile!). You see, when a man approaches a female...