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  1. Thatfeel21

    cars that women love

    Torque puts the grin on your face, horsepower keeps it there. I drive a Mustang GT with the 5.0L. Compared to the SS Camaro and Challenger Scat pack with the 6.2 and 6.4L, it doesnt "feel" as powerful down low due to the low torque, but it pulls like a freight train from 4500rpm until redline...
  2. Thatfeel21

    cars that women love

    That's actually pretty damn decent given the car. I drive a highly modified sports/muscle V8 car so my definition of quick and fast is up there, but had no idea the Volt was the swift around town.
  3. Thatfeel21

    cars that women love

    8 secs from 0-60 Is not quick lol. But I get it.
  4. Thatfeel21

    cars that women love

    Agreed. I drive a 460whp mustang with a full exhaust and women dont say much (until they're inside as a passenger and its nothing but huge grins). I bought the car for myself as I am a speed demon and love the sound of a big burly V8.
  5. Thatfeel21

    UPDATE on girl I took from beta

    I find these stories quite comical. Keep em coming!
  6. Thatfeel21

    I think my girlfriend is breaking up with me?

    Kind of a d1ck move on your part
  7. Thatfeel21

    Thinking about giving alcohol up all together

    I'm in the same boat. Amazing how hangovers are so crippling once you hit your 30s.
  8. Thatfeel21

    Prince Harry & Meghan had a baby

    You ain't lying. Let the man do and marry who he wants to
  9. Thatfeel21

    My new girlfriend is making out with her female friend, and I am getting jealous.

    This. Sadly, OP appears to be a bit too much invested to heed.
  10. Thatfeel21

    Opposites attract: Do sexy women actually prefer men with a different hair color and skin color as them?

    Umm. Isn't the opposite of a blonde woman, a black dude? Or are us black dudes not even considered in this question?
  11. Thatfeel21

    GF suddenly booked tickets for a trip?

    The way your title was worded, I thought this was going in an entirely different direction. Enjoy the damn trip man
  12. Thatfeel21

    Who drives?

    Call me old school, but i drive. Also helps that I drive a sports car that turns people's heads
  13. Thatfeel21

    FWB is over, I need all the advice on what to do next.

    I find myself doing the same thing...not necessarily falling for FWBs...but slowly growing attached and suffering a bruised ego when they're the ones who want to move on after a few months of fun. its a weird dynamic because i know i would never date them, or have them meet my family, etc, but...
  14. Thatfeel21

    She told me she's pregnant. I'm ignoring her.

    Im with the other posters. Take action now and formulate a game plan. Ignoring her does absolutely nothing.
  15. Thatfeel21

    Situational Neediness - GF became distant after going out of town - Going No Contact a good idea?

    Keep us updated. I learn a lot through the outcomes of posts like these.
  16. Thatfeel21

    do you guys think she doesnt wanna see me anymore or something?

    Disregard her. Youre 23 and wasting mental space on a "Girl you used to like and now has a bf? "
  17. Thatfeel21

    Just asked coworker to lunch.

    Warehouses are a diff story though. I worked at various ones over the years, before I landed an actual money-making career. In short, everyone screws everyone, and all the in the know guys know who the easy prey are. Hell, some of the women there would screw the supervisors. Warehouses are a...
  18. Thatfeel21

    Just asked coworker to lunch.

    So you asked her out 7 weeks ago, and still nothing? Damn homie...
  19. Thatfeel21

    I want to bang my exes friend

    The convo between you guys couldn't be more cordial. Only way this is gonna happen is if you guys go out and have a good nite of drinking and make a move
  20. Thatfeel21

    how to respond to this situation

    None of her fam issues excuses her from being a d1ck tease, or for YOU allowing it. Let that sink in.