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    Fifteen Lessons

    Wow, every guy should read this. Just reading it makes me anxious to get the hell out of here and make it happen!
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    Don Juan

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    Weapons Of Mass Seduction

    Thanks for bumping this post! Some solid stuff here for sure. I will do this and post results.
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    Don Juans Everywhere!

    USA / Washington DC
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    Most AFC Songs

    It's no wonder most guys today are AFC's. Just look at society, music, and the media. There's an endless list of AFC like pop songs. And movies? Even worse. I mean no wonder most guys don't stand a chance when there are movies like this out there?? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0815236/ The...
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    Luck in life and dating

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    My Bar Game Blows!

    We have a winnar :up:
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    Stirred Up The Hornet's Nest Over At Gp.com with my "Tips"

    This is the type of post serves as a good kick in the balls to all AFC's out there. And that's what the OP is.. a :kick: . There are certainly truths in this post, but I think its foolish to say "Women want to be treated like dirt." Again, its a wake up call for AFC's, but I think real DJ's...
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    Give freely

    Great post and 100% true. This applies to anything, not just picking up girls. A read a book recently that said something like this.. "All people have one thing in common, they want approval and they want to feel special." This was a book about leadership. Try genuinely complementing someone...
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    Flake, now what?

    You should take the initiative and try to set up a date again. If she flakes out again, move on to the next one (2 Strike rule). Girls don't want the ball to be in their court, they will expect you to make the plans most of the time.
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    10 things NEVER to say to a woman

    Add this to the list. #13 (After being turned down for sex) "So... how about a blow job?"
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    Crash Course on Masculine Power

    That's awesome but I buy it... that doesn't mean I won't give it a try though
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    Crash Course on Masculine Power

    Very philosophical, definitely gave me a lot to think about and try. Great post!
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    You already knew about the 80/20 rule.

    I've been a lurker for a few days but I recently created an account. I'm an AFC in rehab but hopefully on my way to becoming a Don Juan. The most important thing I've learned over my 26 years is that if ANY girl is standoffish/*****y towards you in the LEAST... turn walk the other way and move...