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  1. Nightwing

    HB with abusive childhood

    Chicks coming from a background of abuse is generally a red flag and should be kept at arms length. That's just my experience in dealing with them. Unless you want to be on an emotional rollercoaster with this type of person, it would be best to avoid her. Sooner or later, all that baggage is...
  2. Nightwing

    interesting video about single moms

    You know, I'm not gonna even attempt to watch this video, the title alone says it all. This is just a woman's weak attempt to shame men into dating her and single moms in general. She knows her stock is low once she becomes a babymomma, so now shaming is her last resort in order to get a guy.
  3. Nightwing

    My ex is pregnant..

    Plain and simple..... There's a reason that she's your ex first of all. That means you don't get back with her. Secondly, her being pregnant is not your problem, so let her deal with it and you move on to the next female. She decided to cut her youth short by playing mommy, don't let her...
  4. Nightwing

    What books worked for you and what books did not?

    In the beginning stages, don't worry about the seduction and pickup books. Focus more on yourself and assess what rough edges that you notice. It may be your self confidence, self image, assertiveness. Focus on books like those before you the women.
  5. Nightwing

    Am I cursed????

    If you act like most guys your age, desparation is probably showing on you a mile away with the girls that you actually like. You're not cursed, it's just all part of the learning process when it comes to getting chicks. Start treating the girls that you actually like the same way you treat...
  6. Nightwing

    GF goes rave party without me, gets high on drugs.

    If your values have changed, and she's still hanging with the same crowd then it's time to change your social circle.
  7. Nightwing

    How to turn a %$@ Buddy into a girlfriend.

    Dude, your friend is getting the pu$$y, that's all he needs to worry about. He needs sto stop trying to make her a GF and just keep the relationship where its at.
  8. Nightwing

    Obese peple and eating.

    That wouldn't be a good idea whether the person was obese or not. When the body is deprived of food, as some of the people here have already stated, the body goes into starvation mode and the metabolism slows down. It would be best to reduce caloric intake instead of not eating altogether.
  9. Nightwing

    High Intensity Training

    Yes. I've been using this method since 1990 and it does work.
  10. Nightwing

    Flat out telling a girl you want to hook up?

    It sounds like you're overthinking the situation. Just ask her and dont worry what her friends think or about rejection period. Just don't give a fvck and just do it.
  11. Nightwing

    New guy, question

    I agree with you spiff, it's best not to get yourself caught up in any of these chick's crap. From the way Yellow Jester described, they seem like they have you made out to be an emotional tampon that they can dump all their drama on. As spiff just stated, if you take this route, the only...
  12. Nightwing

    How to be Interesting

    Exactly, following your own path is the way to becoming an interesting person. Follow your goals and the things that drives you, don't get so immersed into the girls. That way you're being your own leader and not letting them lead you by the balls. ALWAYS put your interests before them and...
  13. Nightwing

    How to be Interesting

    You'll be just fine Andy. You're a young guy, you just haven't realized your full potential yet. At your age, guys think it's all about the girls and how special they are. But as you get older, you'll soon realize that it's really about you and how special YOU are. And when you realize that...
  14. Nightwing

    How to be Interesting

    BORING + PREDICTABLE = NICE GUY Your problem is not being not interesting enough, it sounds more like you have too many "niceism's" with these chicks. Stop centering your life around them and more around yourself, your interests, and the goals that you have in your life. The chicks that...
  15. Nightwing

    Girls Who Only Date Losers

    You got that right Karma! Chicks like this are best to be avoided. At least don't try to do anything serious with her. Like you said, the best you can do with this one is confine her to FB status then give her back to her scumbag BF.
  16. Nightwing

    For those in LTRs... when was the time to move in together?

    That's exactly why you should give cohabitation at least a year prior to marriage.
  17. Nightwing

    For those in LTRs... when was the time to move in together?

    I think if you're seriously thinking about getting married to this chick, I think that 1 year prior to the date of you two getting married would be good just to see if the two of you can live together and not tear each others heads off. If she's just a GF that you have no intention of...
  18. Nightwing

    Calling all DJ's for advice!

    Forget about trying to get this girl back, don't even make an attempt! You already say what happened whe you tried to do it and you made yourself look stupid. My best advice would be to hook up with other chicks, not for the purpose of making her jealous, but to get your mind off of her and...
  19. Nightwing

    Changing my confidence and image

    I agree, wrestling was one of the ways I did it. Boxing helps out in very much the same ways.
  20. Nightwing

    Changing my confidence and image

    Enchinda, I take it that you're in your teens being in the HS forum and all, but just to let you know, I had similar problems growing up as well. It's something that you'll ultimately grow out of as you get older, but as far as the confidence issue is concerned, you need to start focusing on...