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    Signs of High Interest

    thanks for the info guys.
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    Eggs or Chicken?

    so why did he want to cross the road??
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    Mixed Signals

    may she was just playing hard to get. and may be she wants you to work a little hard to win her over.
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    Do you live your dreams or your parents' dreams?

    no one in my family ever told where to go in life. just put my heart and soul in to it
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    Who here does "Internet Dating"??

    Going online to meet ladys is not realy my thing brothers.
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    Don Juans Everywhere!

    USA / Virginia / Fairfax
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    Don Juans Everywhere!

    USA/ Virginia / Reston
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    Jewelry: Silver vs. Gold?

    i thing it harder to rock gold
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    Change the WORLD with this advice

    thank for the 411 bro
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    Dj Music!

    Trance is great when you get them alone in your room:p