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  1. Bingo-Player

    Where do you approach women in 2023?

    University is pickup on easy mode I would be extremely concerned if you were a guy in university and you weren't routinely sleeping with hot young chicks I have bad news though once you leave and enter the real world, them social circles start dissipating fast At 30 my social circles are...
  2. Bingo-Player

    Best response to "You never text me first". We are not dating yet.

    "because you can never wait your turn" ^^^^^ This is how you get hamsters going crazy
  3. Bingo-Player

    Dating w/ career

    in 2023 everyone has a stable income its not exactly a rarity anymore What that "stable income" can buy you has changed drastically over the last 10 -20 years but most people are completely oblivious to this they just keep grinding on until death As far as career goes its no secret that...
  4. Bingo-Player

    Still a loser at 38

    Boils down to one simple question Would you rather be a loser or risk some temporary humiliation ? Approaching random beautiful women is nerve wracking , it's nerve wracking for everyone I HATE the build up , but once ive done the approach I ALWAYS feel 100x better in myself and ALWAYS learn...
  5. Bingo-Player

    Would one of those Professional cuddler websites be easier than OLD?

    150 dollars and hour to cuddle this ? :rofl: No wonder the dating market is absolutely fvcked
  6. Bingo-Player

    How do you guys apply "Walking Away"

  7. Bingo-Player

    FR - Vet student

    Thanks yea I think a lot of people in todays world use their career / money / status to over compensate for a lack of actual character I meet so many people that constantly remind me of their profession as if its supposed to impress me or something I usually couldn't care less There was...
  8. Bingo-Player

    Getting her to ***

    Yea I had a similar experience with a girl last year dominated her from the word go was throwing her about my room a bit after first date , she got very excited and very wet Female orgasms are largely psychological and largely why they struggle to get off so much , a lot of it is literally...
  9. Bingo-Player

    FR - Vet student

    yeaI suppose but I always like to meet people in person anyway Women tend to put on a lot of bravado online that doesn't always transpire in person in this case it did and I could quickly tell we weren't going to be compatible in the long run but one date isn't the end of the world I still...
  10. Bingo-Player

    FR - Vet student

    She did like horses and owned a few , came from family money and they had 50 acres of land which in the UK is a lot Large animal from what I could gather There was some elements about her that I liked , but not enough to warrant her attitude I think when we first met she was pretty keen on...
  11. Bingo-Player

    How are you asking her out ?

    Very few women past 25 are going to randomly smash a guy without some form of investment from him and the younger ones that will , are only going to do it whilst they are blackout drunk at the end of a night of partying Everything teaches them now too maximise male investment , its why dating...
  12. Bingo-Player

    How are you asking her out ?

    True but not every girl you meet will be high interest straight off the bat and some will sh1t test you Given how emotionally chaotic and indecisive women are it could really depend on the moment you catch her in
  13. Bingo-Player

    How are you asking her out ?

    Ok so you've met a chick you like you have approached and made yourself known You've had some flirting with her , exchanged a couple of messages ( we all know how it goes ) The time comes to shoot your shot ( obviously all of these are dependent on indvidual circumstances but IF you have...
  14. Bingo-Player

    Initiating sexual chatter online

    You're a woman aren't you
  15. Bingo-Player


    She's high interest then so you will be afforded a lot of room to manoeuvre I would say send her something flirty mid week like " have you planned your outfit for Friday yet "
  16. Bingo-Player

    Unsatisfied after not opening a girl at a coffee shop

    If this chick was giving choosing signals OP defenitley did fumble the bag by not approaching but he doesn't sound at all confident in his ability to approach so would have probably fvcked it up anyway OP cold approach is not something that can be taught you can watch hours of guys doing it...
  17. Bingo-Player

    Initiating sexual chatter online

    I have never ever experienced sexual chat working with a woman you have never met its hard enough building up chemistry with a girl in person because there are so many intricacies in female attraction and at any second you can destroy them all saying or doing the wrong thing Only absolute...
  18. Bingo-Player


    I have never in my 31 years on this planet known this line to work well with women in fact ive seen numerous viral memes on social media actually calling it out and tearing it too shreds , The subtext is basically "I'm not sure if you like me , I don't want too risk my balls directly asking you...
  19. Bingo-Player

    FR - Vet student

    This was a hinge date and before I get into it I have been off the apps for 6 months doing non stop cold approach but I thought with the seasons changing I would give hinge another chance I tend to let women "like" me and then I'll decide wether or not I want to match them This cute looking...
  20. Bingo-Player

    People here don't have a plan/regimen

    My goal at the start of the year was too cold approach 100 girls as I was tired of the nonsense on dating apps I completed that around June and got laid twice overall the return was low but so was my confidence , but cold approach and just talking to women is the solution to low confidence as...