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    Someone please pound this into my head

    BTW I'm thoroughly embarrassed by this thread, I'm not going to do anything aside from never talk to her again, let's let this thread die, please for the love of god!
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    Someone please pound this into my head

    My finances, education and body (gym) are all in order. B-) BTW I do wanna stop with social media in that I don't want her on my list anymore. I just don't want to look like a butthurt b!tch doing it.
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    Someone please pound this into my head

    She just posted: On FB. Probably someone else. This one really fvcking hurts. NEXT BTW am I being a butthurt b!tch if I defriend this girl over this? If it's legit I don't care; I'm just worried she's gonna come back and be like "no my brother got married blah blah blah" and have it be a...
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    So is it time to delete hbs # from phone

    I never delete numbers. I have a note on my phone that is titled "Phone Number Graveyard" that is full of girls whose number I "deleted" and no longer talk to. This gives me the opportunity to re-add her number if I re-establish contact but also know who is texting/calling me so that I'm not...
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    Someone please pound this into my head

    Haha I know, I've gotten good at it but I just feel like an impenetrable fortress nowadays. This girl was quality, she was great in the sack, devoted and everything. LOL she took me out for a $170 dinner, took me home and gave me a back rub then a bj. You can't find a girl that's better than...
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    Someone please pound this into my head

    The girl in question commented on a FB status of mine last night after work. I didn't respond. Some other girl that I'm friends with liked a status that I wrote afterwards, to which I responded saying I miss her and am hyped for her to be back in town in two weeks and that I'll "text her ass"...
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    Someone please pound this into my head

    Hey guys I really appreciate all the responses in this thread. I'm just realizing now how hard this is hitting me because I haven't felt like this about a girl in forever. I've been single since 2008 and playing the field like a dj and haven't experienced this before. Whenever I feel the need...
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    Someone please pound this into my head

    Oh I know that for sure, but it's one thing to know something and another entirely to actually live by it. When I said "stay distant" that is exactly what I meant. We'll see how it goes.
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    Someone please pound this into my head

    Thanks guys, this is exactly what I was looking for. Sometimes I even know this but need someone to tell it to me so I don't act like an idiot. Background for my specific situation: Met a girl on OKC in January, we hit it off really well (insanely well). Saw her for about 3 months...
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    Someone please pound this into my head

    SS community, please answer this question for me: What do you do when a girl starts to lose interest, doesn't respond to your texts right away or at all, puts off setting up a date? I need this pounded into my head, please.
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    Hair Thinning - Advice Needed!

    This is from 2004, wtf are you guys posting in it for?
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    What our ancestors had right

    What a dumbass post.
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    Eating carbs + fat = weight gain?

    Right now I'm at about 11-12%, trying to bottom out at 8%. Started that cut at 15-16% probably.
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    Eating carbs + fat = weight gain?

    When I was losing 2.5lbs/wk and eating a half tub of ice cream a day my lifts were going up. I have endomorphic tendencies.
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    Eating carbs + fat = weight gain?

    Hey I agree that macros are important, but the thing is that what he is arguing - that eating fat and carbs at the same time makes you fat - is dumb. A caloric surplus makes you fat.
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    First-date questions: go for the hand-hold when walking into a venue?

    You left a vm for a flake and even texted her the next night? WTF were you thinking?
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    Grow taller....

    I'm 5'7, not really a problem with girls. Suck it up.
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    Eating carbs + fat = weight gain?

    Please don't let marmel75 confuse you. For the most part it does come down to calories and macros. Meal timing is largely irrelevant, as is how you chose to reach your cals/macros, which means that no, it doesn't really matter if you eat carbs and fat at the same time. The "optimal" that you...
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    What to do when a girl says tell me something interesting about yourself?

    Haha I always ask girls stuff like this "Say something interesting" "Tell me something about yourself that'll make me hate your guts" "Say something not boring" Seriously, though, if she's asking you just make some dumb sh!t up. "Well when I was 5 I lost my leg in a terrible base...
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    HELP ! I cannot believe this !!

    Nobody can help you. Getting over your first kid-crush is part of growing up.