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    delibrately look it, and you will feel it.

    I've heard this before, and forgot about it, but it does work. Do you mean Anthony Robbins, though, instead of Anthony Hopkins? In any case, your physiology goes a long way towards putting your mind into the state that you wish to be in. You have nothing to lose by trying it. The worst that...
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    Reply for "Will you buy me a drink?"

    All of these are really good. I've heard the "no, but you can buy me one" response many times. I especially like the Magic 8-ball response and the "Blow me" response. Anything ****y and funny, although I'm not sure I'd have the balls to ask if she'd blow me. I live in a small town and word...
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    Indeed I did!
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    Basically, I just made sure I was acting like the life of the party, attracting everyone in the room, not just the women. I went to the club with the idea of having fun no matter what happened or didn't. I found out that when you DON'T care, that's when things will go your way! Keep a smile...
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    Question for DJs aged 35+

    I'm 44, and I still look at any woman 21 or older. Under 26, I usually am looking only for a one-night stand, as they aren't mature enough for an LTR. My preference is 30 to 35 year olds, as I look at least 10 years younger than I am. Most people guess me between 32 and 35. Most women who...
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    The Psychology of Women: When She Cancels or Stands You Up

    Good tip that came out of a really negative heading!
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    Stay in the Rat Race

    Good tip, Galactus! I've had to fight this myself, and it's true! You have to force yourself to get out and be around people. I did this the day my wife left me, because I knew I would be a basket case if I isolated myself. It's too easy to wallow in self-pity and depression. Life's too...
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    Major Insight

    I definitely think that it's a good litmus test as to whether the girl could have any romantic interest in you. I tried using the term "baby" on a friend of mine some years back when I wanted to change the relationship to a more romantic one. Well, I didn't get what I wanted, but that was...
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    How to cut down on your rejection rate by 99%

    Great post, Jake! Best one I've seen from you. Full of good advice, and just the right attitude to go along with it.
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    Possible solution to a problem I've had (and others)

    Comote, I owe you an apology. I didn't read your signature as such. I thought it was a part of the body of your message. That's why I thought you were being rude. Taken as it is intended, it's a great reminder. Your comments in the last post were much more constructive and informative. I...
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    Possible solution to a problem I've had (and others)

    Neuromancer, Either I misunderstood you, or you misunderstood me. I have not used what I suggested initially. I was just asking if it would be effective to increase the chance of success. Instead of looking at that possibility, most responses have preferred to attack my lack of confidence...
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    Possible solution to a problem I've had (and others)

    I don't necessarily disagree with what Comote said, just the way he said it. You can constructively criticize without putting people down. That's all I was trying to point out.
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    Possible solution to a problem I've had (and others)

    Comote, A whiner is someone who complains about something and offers no solutions. I consider myself a problem-solver, and considering the number of posts on this board concerning this very topic, I feel this is a legitimate problem looking for a solution. If you don't agree, that's your...
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    Possible solution to a problem I've had (and others)

    Not bad, WF! I thought of this for the woman I called last night, since I got mixed signals. This is for the next time I see her out, as I told her I'd probably call her after the first of the year, and she perked up when I said this. "I don't want to waste my time or yours, so I want to know...
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    Possible solution to a problem I've had (and others)

    Same idea....mine's just a little more refined. Your's probably works for you. It'd be a little crude for a 44 year old like me.
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    Possible solution to a problem I've had (and others)

    I seem to be able to get women (even those 20 years younger than me) to give me their number, but when I call, I get a lame brush-off. This happens even when there's been lots of kino and joking around. I've also read other posts on this board stating the same problem. I e-mailed Doc Love...
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    Lessons have been learned

    It's obvious that my post has given encouragement and hope to others here on the board. That was my main intention (other than blowing off good steam) in posting. It seems we get a lot of guys whining about not having success, and I like to balance that out with posts showing that using the...
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    Lessons have been learned

    The comedy club idea sounds good. I'm the most uncoordinated guy, and my best friend broke his leg when he tried to go roller skating about ten years ago. I don't think that's a viable option, especially as it hasn't been cold enough to form outdoor skate areas, and the only ice rink in the...
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    Lessons have been learned

    Got the digits Saturday night, so I'm waiting until tomorrow to call for the date. I was hoping my friend's band was playing out somewhere this weekend, but it's not until next weekend. I can't decide whether to take her to a dance club or the karaoke bar where my friend runs the show (same...