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    To call, or not to call?

    Don't call, let her call you Tristan is right. I think this this chic has very low interest level. The ultimate test of her interest was the date, and she failed miserably by not counteroffering. It was evident that she chose another guy to date over you in the beginning. Think about it, "She...
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    Contemplating my next move. Mature DJ's need only reply!

    ManOMan, I have to disagree with your here a bit. I'm immature? Don't think so. If I was immature i would have called the girl everyday as soon as I knew she had a crush on me(I waited 5 days). If I were immature, I would have responded to every single one of her calls. If I were immature, I...
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    Contemplating my next move. Mature DJ's need only reply!

    I'm not new to DJ'ing, so here's the deal. I met this girl(I'm calling her a girl because she is 21, I'm 26), Amanda, at a party about 10 months ago, she happens to hang out with a few of the same friends that I have. I have very high standards in women but she definitely qualifies physically...
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    Dancing - I suck

    If it makes you feel any better, watch ESPN sportcenter and they will probably have replays of Brad Johnson doing his Super Bowl victory dance. He's more than likey got a hot chick, so that should give you some hope! Now as far as advice, I would recommend watching some old videos of the best...
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    It's All About Self Improvement

    It’s all about self improvement You can always tell somebody how to physically do or say something, but why do they constantly come back for more advice once they’ve reached their maximum capabilities? Because they don’t understand what they are doing or saying and why they are doing or...
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    Quotes to live by

    "Don't Be Sorry, Be Successful" -- Unknown "I learn something new about the game almost every time I step on the course." -- Ben Hogan "Every day you miss playing or practicing is one day longer it takes to be good." -- Ben Hogan "I've always made a total effort, even when the odds...
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    "Motivate Yourself"

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    One of the most important posts ever!

    Bumpin' some advice fom the Masters!
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    Protect That Heart