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    I sense a disturbance in the bro code, friend does not. Thoughts?

    This is the choice I'd make everytime. Also, if you aren't close, then axe him completely. The issue isn't that he's texting her, it's that he's continuing to after you have spoken to him about it. He's made his choice right there, he's not your friend.
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    Was my lie so bad? (very long)

    It was not so bad, she should get over it. Glad you are happy and hope that lasts.
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    She said, "Let's take it slow, you can see other women." How should I react?

    Yep, this sounds like a good thing to me.
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    If you don't like women you will fail

    Posting this as a result of some other stuff I've read on this board today, thought it deserved it's own thread. This forum has a lot of bitterness and anger, and so many posts here seem to give an impression they do not like nor respect women. And think that they are only good for one...
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    Why so girls, women love confidence so much? why are they instinctively programmed

    I stopped reading this half way through, but I just wanted to say I completely agree with everything Jaylan says. He is one of the best posters on this board and one of the few that actually understands women somewhat, which is no doubt why he does very well for himself with girls. The guys...
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    Kiss Close Fail

    Last two posters are correct. I suspect a lot of posters on this board claim to delete numbers when they havent really, in an attempt to make themselves look better to this board. Otherwise it's unnecessary and bordering on stupidity
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    Does the good physique help us to attract women?

    Depends on your definition of "in shape", but a person can be healthy without having a completely flat stomach. Also, care to elabaroate on why abdominal fat is apparently the worst kind? I don't see anything special about it
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    Aspiring to be a DJ? If you're anything like me, forget about it.

    I was an introvert that didn't go out much, studied a lot and played games at home often. After my last serious relationship I made a conscious effort to change it, and I did. Most people today would describe me as more extroverted, and I get laid all the time. Difference is I believe I'm...
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    So I asked that girl out.

    Okay, this is the first and only time I'm ever going to reply to any of the total garbage you spam on this board. But if you look again, in my post I stated its not worth it, he should give up right now, and that even if he was to attempt to try and get her, he does not have the skills so...
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    So I sat next to her yesterday.

    Hah, I wrote a long post in your last thread about how you can recover from this. You ignored it completely and then posted THIS thread?? I think you are probably just trolling, so for now I'm gonna sit back and enjoy watching what you come up with. The character is so hopeless it's funny
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    So I asked that girl out.

    Let me just preface this post by saying that you have absolutely no chance of success here. None at all, you should give up and stop trying. However, all the same I thought it made a fun exercise. What should you do? Here is my thinking. First - Realise where you are right now. You are...
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    So I asked that girl out.

    No, as everyone else has also said, stop it and move on. This has heartbreak and bitter resentment written all over it. Save this thread so you can re read in a years time how stupid you were, since you seem intent on ignoring everyone's advice. She is not interested. If you want to...
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    After first Date she texts "What did you think of me?"

    I would assume this is her having a high interest level and being concerned that you don't. I'd probably not give a very direct answer to that sort of question though, allow the games to continue ;)
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    You rate this woman out of ten go

    Not really my type, but for sure shes more attractive than average. 7/8 seems a decent shout
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    Old chickens coming home to roost.

    Sounds like you have the right attitude :) I just got back now to HK. Shenzhen is so far the best place for nightlife I've ever been to. Relative to the west, japan, Korea and shanghai at least. It really is awesome
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    Old chickens coming home to roost.

    Funny, I'm on a train this second from HK to Shenzhen, as there are some girls there who are desperate to see me. You have no excuse for ever getting so hooked on one girl when living here ;) Ive been in similar spots to you before. It seems like you have at least recognized your weaknesses...
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    disqualified cos she only likes italian guys

    That's a quick way to fail, yes. I'd either just roll my eyes, or shake my head a bit whilst moving on with the conversation, as if to demonstrate you think its a stupid thing to say. If she questions you then you can just tell her how its a ridiculous position / thought / thing to say...
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    Slut Shaming

    Definition: http://finallyfeminism101.wordpress.com/2010/04/04/what-is-slut-shaming/ Or in short, being critical of women who have had many sexual partners. For the most part I quite enjoy SS, the one thing I truly dislike about this board is how many people are completely hypocritical...
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    Wanting To Move Overseas...

    Actually good point, I missed that. There's a good chance the relationship won't even last that long anyway.