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    Valentine's day

    I usually don't do anything too fancy - decent dinner, bring her home with some wine and have a good night :up: I do get my girlfriend gifts though. A bracelet or a ring ($75 - $150), flowers/chocolate, and a card. She gets mad if I don't write a freaking essay inside of there :crazy:
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    Texting related experiment in words.

    This was my favorite part.
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    Can anything rival college when it comes to opportunities with attractive women?

    Athlete Movie Star Famous musician Royalty
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    Your thoughts on my date ! analyze bro's

    Yeah, I think you're right about the boyfriend. Now that they're done, she's receptive. Meh...I think you're over-thinking it. She probably also didn't want to look like an a-hole by leaving your mutual acquaintance hanging... Wait you gave her 3 kisses? So did you kiss close or not? :crazy...
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    New Dave Chappelle Stand Up

    "The video is no longer available due to copyright claim by Dave Chappelle." NOOOOOOOO :cry:
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    Angry AFC virgin killed seven people in drive by shooting [merged]

    After hearing this story I immediately thought of the poster El Stud from back in the day - not sure how often he's around now. Would be crazy if it were he.
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    Your Most Awkward Moment

    Age 17 -Watching TV with mom -Viagra commercial comes on -Mom: What's ED? -ARrocket: uhh... -Mom (seconds later): Oh...never mind.
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    Sexy receptionist in my residence

    I would agree with staying a bit aloof for now...wait until you can get some more signals out of her, you have no need to rush since you see her quite often. Maybe even have her see you bringing another girl around, but make it seem like she *could* just be a friend ;) After a bit...
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    Surviving Marathon Sex

    haha I see it's a trend! My girlfriend went from being a virgin who told me she was waiting until marriage to the horniest person I've ever dealt with! It's great of course, but if I've already done it once or twice and I happen to be tired that day, sometimes it just doesn't happen for me and...
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    FR: Finally landed myself a date after 2 months of straight flaking.

    Sage, are you getting laid or not? EDIT: Aw fvck, banned before I get the answer to the question that's in my mind every time I think of SoSuave :(
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    First Date Report: Beer Goggles

    How was her breath when you kissed her on the 1st date?
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    First Date Report: Beer Goggles

    Haha are you serious? Why didn't you just slip her a mint? :confused:
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    DJs: how many dates are you willing to wait for a kiss? sex?

    Here's the winner. There are no rules. It is a useless exercise to think "ok, I'll give it three dates with this one, I better get that kiss." Plain and simple, you trust your gut and your interest level in the girl. If you like her AND your gut says things will go forward soon enough...
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    Will I hear from her again?

    Please don't ever fvck up this badly again. 1) Don't let your room get that messy. 2) If it really was that bad, just make her sit in the living room (or whatever) for 5 minutes while you hurry to make it presentable. Anyway, anything anyone says about hearing from her again is just...
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    This is what not escalating leads too...

    Get off the internet and go bang her yo!! She probably still wants it. Report back after trying.
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    Girl says she won't do anything sexual except kissing?

    My (now) girlfriend told me she was "waiting until marriage" as well. Turns out, she was just nervous and didn't want to feel like a slvt. Great advice in this thread. It all depends on what YOU want. If you really like her, and are willing to wait it out a bit and see what you can get away...
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    Fvck buddy broke her foot - now uninterested

    Not to sound harsh, but you should probably not be giving a sh!t and worry about your other girls right now. She'll be back when she's out of the boot.
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    First Date with a Feminist

    This. Chill out dude. She turned her cheek. That's all. She's probably not some evil cvnt, she just turned her cheek the first time you tried to kiss her. For all you know, she was just nervous. You claim to be so indifferent but it sounds like you took this sh!t personally... Self-respect...
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    Is She Spinning Plates?

    Who cares if she's spinning plates or not? It's not in your control. What I suggest is that you stop meeting up with her for "dates" and to instead invite her over to cook dinner and watch a movie. Tell her to bring the wine ;)