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    women love new strange random men!

    I would say: always be changing for good... Upgrading. Im pretty sure it has been working for me. Ive been told stuff like: "I like your new enthusiasm" or "Hey I didnt knew you surf". Of course, I didnt invent this. Its in the bibble! If a Man is in constant evolution, good changes will...
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    34 days?

    The first time I heard of "NO CONTACT" I instantly thought to my self that it was: NO GIVING A RATS ASS ABOUT HER UNTIL **SHE REACHES YOU** !!! ...I am convinced that it doesnt work any other way. Otherwise No Contact would be cr@p and NO ONE would use it! At least go NO contact for 34 days it...
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    why do my post get deleted on threads

    Like the forum? . Stay. Even if you want to be a Keayboar Jockey or however it's called. It is important to learn to filter information. How? Read the bibble. PERIOD! SS is definetly not about PUAs so STOP SAYING "PUA". Alfa male? whatever.... Don Juan? Hell yeah! What is a DJ...
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    Requesting advice on my two main issues.

    Well, I earnestly feel that a given activity to make friends should rather be something I actually like. I'm not really into religion or church. Son I'll pas on that. Thanks for the advice though. And yes, I have definitely read/heard that community service and volunteering are not bad choices...
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    Some advice please

    Thanks bro. That actually helped responding a recent thread of mine. Endeed, the correct answer is: keep trying!
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    Requesting advice on my two main issues.

    Hello mates. To sum up my journal, I am going to state the two main problems I am facing right now. I am also going to comment on them. Plus, I would appreciate it if you guys can contribute with experiences, tips and general thoughts. Problem No. 1: General cold approaching. - I find it...
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    Max's warm approach journal

    On top of all that above. Today I tried to contact friends and old friends to set something for tonight. Well long story short: I have NO friends, and I have NO social Circle. I have NO girls #s, I have NO spinning plates. I have NOT approached an HB7+ ever. THUS Apparently I am a WBAFC and...
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    Max's warm approach journal

    So after all that incredible negative spiral I decided to take accion. I decided to approach some women. Thats why, yesterday I went to the mall for cold approaches. Damn...! Still the negative spiral: I happen to run into my recent EXGF's BFF. For some stupid AFC reason, I feel unbalanced and...
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    Max's warm approach journal

    1 Week ago on the beach: I told myself I wanted to approach at least 1 girl per beach I visited. This tripp sucked ass: my mom whas so freaking anoying!!! There where hardly people at the beaches. And any semi-posible approach would be acompained with a BF. No approaches and It was the start of...
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    Max's warm approach journal

    2 Weeks ago: I received an invitation to a party from an engineers convention. I knew everybody was going to know everybody but heck, I decided to go for the sake of approaching girls. So after 1 hour: Like 50+ UGs. Like 5 HB6-7. Like 2 HB8s with their respective boys. So I decided to go for...
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    Max's warm approach journal

    Hi folks! I havent posted in a while cause I think SS was down about 2 weeks ago and last week I took a family trip to the beach. Here is what has happened so far. 2 Weeks and 3 days ago: I got home and some friends of my brother where at my house. I had some beers in a friends house so...
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    Had sex with my ex wife

    Do not end up like Alan from Two and a Half men. Because that is what it really looks like.
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    Break up... How?

    Read this stuff: Maxfarsigth - Dont really need help. Just need to have a nice convo with my balls!
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    Max's warm approach journal

    OK so, fearing I would enter oneitis with HB-R, which by the way I consider the worse illness of mankind, I decided to go out. Technically, it was my first "sarging?" ever. The plan was to go to a mall an complete the following. - EC+smile every girl that passed near me. - At least 3 warm...
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    Max's warm approach journal

    Three weeks ago. When I was in my LTR I used this girl as some sort of "virtual backup chic" . Yes!, things where not going well in my LTR and less in my head. The thing is that I remember that everytime I talked to this girl (from now on I'll call her HB-R), she always asked me if I had a GF...
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    Max's warm approach journal

    Max's Path to Manhood Journal Hello everyone! Since I ended my last LTR in which I was a total AFC, I broke free. Apparently, it was like I popped the bubble I was in and started feeling totally diferent. To explain it plain and simple, it's like I blew a fuse in my head (a really bad one)...
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    Need some advice

    I don't trust people with advertising on their signature.
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    This sums up Sosuave (and every other community for that matter)

    This will cut useless "tips", whinning posts and stuff of that sort...!!! RULES FOR SS
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    3 Naked Women and a Gay Guy

    Exactly. I think most gay dudes become a sort of emotional tampoon for woman.
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    Having flakeyness problems? Read this.

    Scars: :up: :up: This has worked marvellously for me. By not jumping you create an aura of: not needy, busy guy, misterious, she misses you, you call again and possitively surprise her. Off course I would highly recommend: using a lot of C&F and Sexual indirect comments: it will make you...