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    Dealing with ugly girls?

    Thanks, I am going to use some of these advice ASAP.
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    Dealing with ugly girls?

    Thanks to this site, I have improved and grown more then I ever expected. Most of the girls think that I am above their league. I can sense the nervousness that they feel when the talk to me. None but the most hottest of the girls in our college compete with each other for me. But I have a...
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    The problem with the people on this board.

    I heard a saying," You see what you choose to see". I think you choose to see the negative side of this fourm. I don't come to this fourm that often. I just come here after a week or two to post ny experiences or to read about the experience of other people, so I don't actually know about you. I...
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    How to build a social circle

    Summery: Go out...Do new things...Expand your horizon...
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    Reputation Problem

    I have been in this site for more then two years. In this two years I have been putting all the stuff over here in practice. But I have a problem, I have developed a bad rep in the process. Most of the girls in our school know me as the most infamous heart-breaker. I can't even talk to any girls...
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    Ways to be successfully social

    I can see that you have skimmed through the article. You are thinking, "This is all common stuff, I have heard & read them a thousand times". But my question to all of you is, did you experience & observe these things in real life. Like most of the posters, I have also read along these lines...
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    Girl i was gaming has a boy friend

    Hey, I broke a 4 year long relationship between my worst foe and one of the hottest girl in my college. I totally broke my enemies' heart. If I can do it, so can you
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    Ways to be successfully social

    In order to be social one has to understand the characteristics of both a social and an unsocial person. How are you suppose to know about day if you don't know anything about night. I have a a few friends who are unsocial and a few who are very social. When I observe & compare both the types, I...
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    Asian hair styling

    I would have said the same thing. Friends are always around you. They know what will look good on you. It is really easy to make friends, read "How to make friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie for tips. I am really sorry if I was a bit harsh.
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    Being social never came easy.

    I was in the same condition 3 years ago, but when I found this site along with a few others, I started to get social. I had 1 or 2 friend at that time. Now the coolest people in my college are my friends. The way to be social is simple, meet & know new people.
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    Obstacles, I have a babyface!

    No matter how u look, u should be confident about urself. It gives u an innocent look. So that babby-look gives u licence to be more aggresive.:rockon: :rockon: :rockon:
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    A short and practical guide to getting a FB

    So, you were finally able to loose your v-card. I knew that you will be able to do it. Congrats.:cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
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    Eureka, I finally understand the way to success.

    I have found the key to be successful. So far, I have read hundreds of autobiographies & inspirational books. I also have three relatives who are very successful in life, one of them even owns a chain store. I have interviewed them a lot of times. At that time I hadn't understood what they were...
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    Eid & Puja opportunities not to be missed

    To all the muslim DJs on this forum, Eid Mobaraque. After a whole month of fasting, hoping that all of you are eager(like me) to pick up girls. May this Eid bring more happiness to your lives. To all the Hindu DJs, happy Durga & Lakhi Puja. May these two pujas bring prosperity to your lives...
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    So really, what's keeping me from getting laid?

    ElStud, you should stop posting and actually do something about your situation. If you have the time to complain about somthing, you have the time to do something about it. You think, having sex=getting a scholarship for MIIT. You are scared to do it, well start small. If there is a will, there...
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    Im leaving this site, thanks for the memories

    At least you have found peace & hapiness. I think religion helps a man to lead a orderly life. I'm wondering why you are leaving this site & why you choose Islam out of ten other religions. Allah hafiz Roly.
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    What would you do in my position?

    So does everyone else. Looks like we have something in common. But, living in a conservative society does not mean that you can't approch girls.There are tons of girls everywhere. Do u live in a small village or in a city? Hot girls in the cities gets hit a lot and most even have boyfriends...
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    Different type of help needed from fellow DJ's

    I just started reading "the art of public speaking". It might help a lot. Thanks.
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    The Loveshack/SoSuave Discussion [Merged Threads]

    We should not concentrate on only one section of that fourm. That may be suspitious to the mods over there. I'm thinking of putting up some posts made by Pook & Gunwitch in there. That will really give them something to think about. :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
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    Different type of help needed from fellow DJ's

    I really need serious help. I recently started debating. I can talk to anybody and everybody. But whenever I get on stage and start to give a speech in a room full of people. I just freeze. Can anyone tell me how I can solve this problem.