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    Yooo, you're putting too much pressure on yourself. You're still thinking "Oh she's hot, I can't approach." It's only a dance for goodness' sakes! Go up to the chica, try to get her to dance w/ you, and if doesn't work then don't sweat it. And what the guy said about the number thing is...
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    when you get called an assh*le 5 times a day...

    lolz Yep, I used almost the EXACT same line a few weeks ago! It went like: Chica: J-Rey, you're such an *******! Me: Oh really? So then why are you so attracted to me? Chica: I dunno, maybe I like *******s... =)
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    when you get called an assh*le 5 times a day...

    Agreed. I tease my chica all the time and sometimes I get the lighthearted "You know, you're such an *******." As long as she's not serious then you're in the green.
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    Asking the QUESTION

    First off, congrats on the college chica. Yeah I heard if they're having a herpes breakout they get the cold sores around their lips and shiz (that's if they have the herpes around the mouth). From what I understand, herpes is not a killer and can be controlled, but it is incurable. Plus...
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    Getting a friend w/ benefits?

    Hmm, so yeah I'm friends w/ this chica and I think it would be good to make her into a friend w/ benefits. Now, how should I go about doing this? She's a pretty naive chick, inexperienced and all, so should I just start pouring extra kino on and see what happens? Or perhaps I should say that...
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    To Date or not to Date...Tis the ?

    "The best way to get over a chick is to get under another one." - I think it was Deep Blue that said this? Just make sure you don't compromise your standards, if you would never, eeeever want to do a 5-6, then don't do it.
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    Pick a card

    Why waste a perfectly good set of cards when you could just ask her to write her number on a piece of paper?
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    A Piece of Pie

    Hey man, I feel your pain about those cold approaches since I go to an all male school myself. My advice to you: 1. Start doing cold approaches. A lot of em. You're bound to develop conversational skills and get some numbers (you only have to ask and most of them are willing as long as you...
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    Tell the truth to pull more women!

    I'm surprised I didn't catch this solid post the first time around. Good tip once again Luscious.
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    Lost all desire to lead a life

    I believe that was Winston Churchill, if I'm not mistaken. As for the depressed dude, go do something that makes you feel good about yourself. I know whenever I'm down, it helps to do something physical to get my blood flowing and after a lil breakdancing workout I have a feeling of...
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    Post your picture ONLY

    Here are some of me: http://www.geocities.com/aznbreakerjrey/
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    Learning the hard way SUCKS, yet again I find out..

    You remind me a lot of myself bro. I remember when I had noooo self-confidence in my macking skills and I didn't believe I could ever attract a hot chica... well that's change. You have to work on changing your negative thoughts into positive ones... I can even see it in your posts: "All I...
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    Sucks to club alone....

    Yo fuzzyx, just curious, what's your favorite funk dance style?
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    What's your story?

    What i was before i came here I was a milktoast geek with no social life. No game, no convo skills, bad acne, low self-confidence. My journey I've been improving in spurts. Perhaps I'll approach and make leaps in my game for a month, then for the next 4 I'll be stagnant. So far there...
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    ways to look "older"

    You don't wear your chain out??? Then what's the point of buying it? lolz
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    MSN/Yahoo/AOL messaging and its importance?

    I agree, if you're mackin a chica, don't talk much on these IM programs. However, if you want to build up conversational skills, this provides some real-time experience though with real girls over the net. As that DYD dude said, it's convo at like 1/8 of the normal speed so you can think...
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    Something is wrong with 75% of the people that come here (Long Post)

    Hmm yeah I posted a tip on stopping the overanalysis and memorize this/that technique shiz. However, you went a bit further by delving into what we should chase... relationships or the poontang? Well, moderation is key, so you should chase both, as you stated in your post. Quality addition to...
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    SBC FRs Week 1

    Sup peoples, today was a pretty fun day. It started off rather normal, and then I started my assignments. Got some EC here and there, not much, and then got in my first few convos for the assignment. My first convo was something I'm pretty proud of-- getting a stranger to give me some of her...
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    SBC Week 1

    Arrite good stuff Sammo! When I was looking at your course outline I was thinking it was going to be too long and too easy, but considering you already started out by combining the assignments of weeks 1 and 2 of the original BC, I'm thinking this is going to be one helluva ride! =) A lil...
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    Care to explain that one RKS? No clue what it's supposed to signify...