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  1. Chev.Chelios

    1st date with Ex. Need advice.

    1st lesson, dont set yourself up for a bad breakup to begin with. 2nd lesson, stop being monogamous lol 3rd, 4th and 5th, read sex at dawn.
  2. Chev.Chelios

    My supervisor more info

    always a bad situation getting involved with chicks that are in relationships/living with other guys. Ditch and go meet more girls <3
  3. Chev.Chelios

    Going To Bars/Clubs Is That A Red Flag For You?

    sometimes girls who dont go out at all are fvcking weird... and relationships are a thing of the past. <3
  4. Chev.Chelios

    you need to play girls to keep them

    Dang wrote this 2 years ago and can add a lot more to this xD
  5. Chev.Chelios

    Where are the bitcoin lovers now?

    Guessing in a couple weeks it’s gonna drop as bad as it did when it first hit 20k looool
  6. Chev.Chelios

    Where are the bitcoin lovers now?

    Omg lol this is insane
  7. Chev.Chelios

    how to really get laid

    Owen cook has the best advice about the issue of being an old workaholic, at his seminar he said something along the lines of.. "Working hard for years being stuck in this logical state(especially being an engineer)makes you fvcking weird" Hahah When you go out to have fun you have to learn...
  8. Chev.Chelios

    Any crypto holders here?

    Corona virus about to collapse society lol I'd be careful
  9. Chev.Chelios

    Rich GF Tempting Me With Investment Opportunities

    Whenever money gets Involved the dynamic changes completely.. Should just keep money and personal relationships completely separate from each other because money introduces a toxic element in humans.. If you think having a financial relationship with her is a good idea do it.. If you think...
  10. Chev.Chelios

    Is Trump bluffing?

    Apparently now 20-80 Americans have been killed, trump sent b52s Iran bound :o
  11. Chev.Chelios

    Women Are Inherently UnTrustWorthy and Immoral

    Girls are sex addicts in a sea of cry baby beta males. nothing immoral at all about girls at all. Let them fvck
  12. Chev.Chelios

    Man finds wife by calling randomly on the phone

    any female will marry a dude with money short term and leave = free gainz btch!! marriage is a disaster for a mans life in this society seriously the stupidest move you can do unless of course your a guy without money marrying a chick with money then ya thats pretty damn cool to.
  13. Chev.Chelios

    It's now a "hate crime" to refuse to sex a tranny

    porn is a scuzzy business as it is lol, claim your a catholic and sex before marriage is a dirty sin and if trannys get mad blame them for hating your beliefs and fvck them all to death
  14. Chev.Chelios

    article: The Most Attractive Women Have the Least Casual Sex

    mehhh.. ive met really attractive chicks and i swear theyre getting fvxked every night.. and morning
  15. Chev.Chelios

    Mentally lacking, many of you

    well hey im a tennis guy to (;
  16. Chev.Chelios

    Do you think Bianca Devins (the decapitated Instragram chick) tickled the dragon's tail?

    ohhh ur right, looked at the cnn article yeah hes alive... lol