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    Today's Women Are Penny Stocks, Not Blue Chip

    This forum is getting very Redpill and this thread would not go unnotised on many MTGTOW forums. This is very much a reflection on the current dating marketplace. What I am seeing in particular in the twentysomething to thirty somethings are more and more men who are taking care of...
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    Good looking loser called this site out lol

    I follow his forum from time to time, not fussed on the way he advocates steroid use, he endorses a kind of douchebag mentality. While there is some useful stuff it is to some extent a breeding ground for insecurity. It is not really an open forum. He must be sponsored by the makers of...
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    40 - single/celibate for two years - no confidence - what now?

    Steroids would be a pretty silly move, lower bodyfat can be achieved simply by upping the cardio, not really necessary getting on the gear as it is a bit short sighted, maybe worth looking at when you are older. Stay natural, better being natural and healthy than taking that junk.
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    Is this how unattractive the typical American bride is nowadays?

    I am 44 and still in more than descent shape, it amazes me how many people believe that once they hit 30 it is an excuse to let themselves go, it is so ingrained into people's social conditioning.
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    Question: Why Not Just Screw Escorts?

    The dependence and use of escorts can be a double edged sword, it satisifies one urge while nullifying the emotional aspect of acquiring a mate. Sure they have their uses, I have found that the quality of women who are escorts in Queensland, Australia and I am sure other parts of the Western...
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    Is this how unattractive the typical American bride is nowadays?

    Here in Australia there is a big industry around weddings, in a lot of cases brides and some of those involved in the wedding hire pts to get in shape for the wedding, it is very common for the couple to be in shape for their wedding and from then on they let themselves go. More than half of...
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    How social media destroyed the dynamics of dating thanks to desperate betas

    This is how pathetic some of this generation of young men are, they are jumping through hoops and **** tests. They are pandering to women something bad. It also shows a clear example of how men are expected to be gym fit while the number of women in that age bracket are anything but. I don't...
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    "The Sexodus Part 1"

    I think we will see more and more articles like this coming out before long and one of them is bound to receive a significant amount of press, even more than this series of articles.
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    "The Sexodus Part 1"

    "Part 2" http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-London/2014/12/09/The-Sexodus-Part-2-Dishonest-Feminist-Panics-Leave-Male-Sexuality-In-Crisis
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    "The Sexodus Part 1"

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    No-Fap challenge

    Lasted to Day 5, perhaps I might do a reboot I will see what happens.
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    Feminism Will Fail

    "ussr" http://www.realussr.com/ussr/ussr-the-birthplace-of-feminism/
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    No-Fap challenge

    I am on Day 3, and since this challenge is 30 days I may give it ago. Have been doing this challenge for a few years now and go a few weeks from time to time to a few days and then lapse, a bit of extra motivation won't hurt.
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    I'm starting to like fat women!

    If you mean obese, I would say you are dropping your standards, however if they are slightly overweight but have a descent personality and can dress well, I wouldn't have a problem, that is my perspective. I saw a girl who was probably a little heavy but compensated with a pretty face plus she...
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    Online dating and younger women

    I find online dating to be an invasion of privacy to be quite often, it is not free and often gets access to facebook accounts. I have also notised that even if you don't have a photo and get classified by age group. This can be a disadvantage if you are older and look good because you can be...
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    Tall women

    I love tall women a lot since I am very much a legman. I particularly like women over 5''10 who wear stockings or tights. I am around 5''7.5 and feel this is wear insoles would be an asset for me, if I want to open up my options when after women this height.
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    "Maxing Out Looks"

    I can remember when going to the gym was seen as gay, it wasn't uncommon to be called a fag if you wore a tight fitting shirt. Today so many gyms have sprung up that going to the gym is much more mainstream than ever and in coming years will be even more so. As for malemakeup it is slowly...
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    "Maxing Out Looks"

    I have never actually tried height inserts just something I have thought about. After reading "The Game" I gave spraytanning a try, and while its something I will do from time to time, it isn't something I would do all the time. I do like to have a bit of a tan from sunlight which is pretty...
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    "Maxing Out Looks"

    I have always been into the gym and for me it is a lifestyle, while there is a certain amount of vanity which is a byproduct of it, it is something that makes me feel really good. I am about 5''7 and a half and actually feel that being shorter can be an advantage, particularly in the gym, you...
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    "Maxing Out Looks"

    Looking for forums on this subject , while I enjoy GLL he talks a lot about steroids which isn't the route I am travelling however, I do like to keep up to date with clothers, grooming etc, while I am not necessarily into Pua, I do enjoy the forums and read the material. Have experiemented with...