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    Why "Nice Guys" are often such LOSERS

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    Where are all the quality ladies?

    If by avoid you mean pump and dump, then amen. My friend does IT for the school system and before he settled down he was tearing his way through every hot teacher in the district.
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    Where are all the quality ladies?

    This is why you bang em and pass em along on their way down. The wouldn't see you on the way up the ladder, you give em a nice little nudge on the way down.
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    Ex Girlfriend Cliche

    how about meeting someone new and moving on with your life. You act like she's your only option in life.
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    Am I throwing away opportunities?

    Follow your dreams. Everyone has women. Bill Gates has a woman and so does the janitor at my office. Focus on what's important to you, women will always be there. They are not going to stop making them. What sort of man derails his dreams for the chance of chasing women?
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    when a girl says this to a guy...

    You are not listening to what she is saying. Ask yourself. Who is she right now? What sort of person is she? What sort of crowd is she hanging with now? How does she act? She is moving to a new place. Now she wants to redefine herself. If she is conservative, she is going to go...
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    I found the perfect girl but she's too perfect.

    ***** on a Pedestal. Never put a woman above you. You already lost her unless you change your mindstate.
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    this is why I have the problems i do and post what i post...

    shut up and quit whining. stop being a pvssy and tell us what you have actually done. Have you gone in the field? Have you spoken to a woman to just say Hi?
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    She breaks up with you and now hangs around with your friend

    Rounder is right. Your a fool if you put up with this crap. Honestly, I didn't even read past the part where you said she was a very jealous and vengeful person. That explained it all along with your thread title. The rest was useless details. You know what kind of person she is, you just want...
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    ...I'm Back after months for an important question

    YOu brought this crap on yourself. NEVER EVER EVER talk to other people about your relationships if they know that person. And even if they don't know that person, don't name names...just say "one of the girls I'm dating" because people talk and they will tell someone who might know that...
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    How much clothes do you own?

    Just stay fresh. How much doesn't matter.
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    Caring about your appearance too much?

    Nothing wrong with caring about how you look. But getting most of your confidence from your looks is weak man. Your confidence has to come from within, you already know that though. Fix up. Do the work. Accept it, focus on whats good on the inside and move forward, you can always grow...