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  1. touma.akagi

    First time and newbies to the Forum - How to use SoSuave

    With the whole sh!t test thing, I'd actually add a warning - big warning - that you don't want to revolve your entire game around "passing tests." Prioritize fun in your interactions, because if you're worrying about 'passing the test' the entire time you can't do that. The DJ Bible literally...
  2. touma.akagi

    cologne with pheromone spray , worth a try????

    Just don't get scammed by a get-rich-quicker online selling something fake. Be smart about your purchases.
  3. touma.akagi

    Why Do We Ignore Obvoius Red Flags?

    Same reason women ignore blazing red flags for ****. It's a double edged sword that both sexes fall upon.
  4. touma.akagi

    Do you think Hollywood is amping up sex scenes because hypergamy has made women generally slutty?

    I don't think it's a new trend at all. Movies have been depicting sex scenes since before I was born, arguably the only possible difference is that some may be more detailed and/or porn-like, but even then it'd be inaccurate to say that a whole ton of mainstream films are doing this.
  5. touma.akagi

    The turn-a-round

    “ok, im sorry you got hurt, but you know that shouldn’t of hurt you, you know how I feel about you. But im not going to give you any excuses for me dating other girls, because i dont need to, if you are going to be like this now theres no way i can be with you, for one thing, i have a zero...
  6. touma.akagi

    An interesting Quora thread

    For the average person, dating is going to be a rather inefficient undertaking. That's just how it is, and to a degree, it's always been. It doesn't help that there are just so many time-wasters out there. Plus, as you get older your wants and needs are going to change the shape of which women...
  7. touma.akagi

    Grow A Beard

    This. I clean shave every day except when I forget. I do it because I want to look this way. The only reason men grow beards all that much in the modern age is because they are convinced it matters - that it makes them look more masculine. This wasn't necessary last century, most young men were...
  8. touma.akagi

    Calling out billtx49 “moderator”

    I think mods tend to close threads when they deem them to be "Kindergarten fighting." While I'm not too familiar with whatever thread it was that was your last straw, I bet he had an OK at best reason. I think you've got a little too much free time if you think it's your job to "expose" people...
  9. touma.akagi

    i'm an online SD and im lovin it :)

    Why bother if you're getting no dates or sex from these women? The only difference between this and being catfished by a Nigerian on Google Hangouts is that you're actually talking to someone real.
  10. touma.akagi

    How many people here have enemies?

    I used to have enemies, but now all I really have are people who don't matter. What I mean by that is, people who don't like me aren't my "enemies," so much as they are "people who complain about me with no intention of ever resolving whatever issues they have and thereby do not deserve my...
  11. touma.akagi

    How Do I Get Rid Of This Hot HB9 Chick?

    If he does it in person, and there's no evidence he said so, then he can simply deny he said anything about sex at all should it get reported. But that's besides the point. Doing something she interprets as AFC or too emotional will get rid of her, is what I was getting at.
  12. touma.akagi

    Are most married guys Betas?

    My dad's a (re)married beta. He may not be for long. I suspect he's in the closet too, but suffice it to say he's living a mediocre life with nothing exciting going on independent of her (unless he's secretly got affairs). I've taken notes not to end up like him. If my suspicions are correct...
  13. touma.akagi

    Can't stop taking painkillers

    I've been having ongoing neck and back pain and I take them daily. I can't stop because the pain is too distracting if I do. I take only normal amounts and haven't abused them. Been this way for about five to six months. Has anyone else been in this dilemma? And if so, what did you do about it?
  14. touma.akagi

    How Do I Get Rid Of This Hot HB9 Chick?

    Then asking in person during one of her "visits" also works.
  15. touma.akagi

    Why do you think this Chad-lite would MARRY a 654# mixed-race gal that is so obese that he has to wipe her a33?

    Maybe this guy genuinely has issues getting hot girls? It's not as uncommon as you might think for a good looking guy to struggle.
  16. touma.akagi

    Trouble with girl I'm dating (Resistance)

    Start making anti immigrant jokes. Ask her for sus papeles jokingly and call her slurs.
  17. touma.akagi

    How Do I Get Rid Of This Hot HB9 Chick?

    What you could do if you genuinely want to get rid of her is to ask her for sex (even better if over text, much better over Twitter DMs or an app) directly, and if she says anything but yes, tell her that you're not interested unless you can ****, block her number, and begin ignoring her and...
  18. touma.akagi

    how to explain the concept of "nice guy"?

    I have never once met a manipulative nice guy, it's always been on the receiving end of the manipulation. Matter of fact that's exactly how I was until I "got it" that I needed to stop letting people take sick advantage of me. I know for a fact that I couldn't manipulate anyone to save my life...