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  1. Z

    Most obvious come-on that was missed

    Things happen. Lead to me where I am now which is so much better than I was when I posted that.
  2. Z

    Your best 24 hrs

    Woke up with a plate and fvcked. I then went to work and had another one during a break during swing shift mid-day. I took a shower, went back to work "refreshed" and went clubbing later in the night with a few co-workers where I picked up another girl and went two rounds with her before going...
  3. Z

    Places most saturated with PUA'S?

    I meet a lot of them in bars in Florida.
  4. Z

    How do you quit getting one night stands

    Try finding places to pick up chicks other than where you are picking them up OP?
  5. Z

    The Dark Triad Test

    83% Machiavellianism, higher than 84% of your peers. 53% Narcissism, higher than 31% of your peers. 55% Psychopathy!, higher than 66% of your peers. Hmm....
  6. Z

    Any Automotive Technician's here?

    I have ASE certifications in: - Auto Maintenance and Light Repair (G1) - Medium-Heavy Truck (T-All) Used to be a Heavy Equipment Mechanic until I moved into Wildland Firefighting.
  7. Z

    You are given $1000 that you must spend...

    I'd assemble a good 72 hour kit along with a few #10 cans of dehydrated food.
  8. Z

    If you aren't watching true detectives on HBO...

    It was pretty cool.
  9. Z

    What is the real goal of this website?

    To show how marriage has no benefit to men.
  10. Z

    get drunk **** btcvhes

    Then why are you here?
  11. Z

    What every skinny guy should know...

    Maybe it was a combination of his looks (Facial features,) the way he carried himself (Body Language) and the fact he never initiated. We are talking about women: they don't make sense.
  12. Z

    NorwegianDJ's journal of personal growth

    To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause
  13. Z

    Hitting women.

    More like dust
  14. Z

    Hitting women.

    I've never hit a woman in my life and will continue to not do so. As men we get the short end of the stick when it comes to domestic violence in court rooms. The most I've ever done was a bit of rough sex and even that I had myself covered beforehand just incase.
  15. Z

    Summer Bootcamp 2012 Enrolling Now

    I'm working ridiculous shifts at this point in my life so I won't formally join in but I'll try to read the required readings when I have a spare moment to myself.
  16. Z

    What do you think of this list?

    Culture? :crackup:
  17. Z

    What do you think of this list?

    So that list shows that to be "perfect" we need to bea gay little lap dog? LOL
  18. Z

    Just dumped my gf for flirting. Was I too harsh?

    The fact she was with that other guy carassing his face, with pictures of it seen.by you, so quickly after you two were broken up, shows how little she cared about the relationship and possibly that she was straying while you two were together.
  19. Z

    How to have a 100% DRAMA-FREE Relationship

    Only way I've had drama free relationships is by not being in a relationship at all.