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    Attraction Isn't Static

    I've seen a lot of posts on this board along the lines of 'does she like me?'... WTF. Make her like you. It's not outside of your control. What do we learn techniques for?! To rationalize giving up on hard to get girls, or to get the girls we really want? I for one don't believe in giving...
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    Should you leave a message the first time?

    First off, you should have done a search before posting this as I'm SURE it's been aswered at least 25 times before. But I have something new to add, so I'll reply. Leave a message. So that next time you call she knows it's you. She will NOT call you back. No matter how interested she is...
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    *LRLRLR: XANEUS does 3 in a week*

    Grow up man. Just because you aren't getting laid doesn't mean THE REST OF US are just sitting around playing checkers. You going to post anything constructive?
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    *LRLRLR: XANEUS does 3 in a week*

    Lay #1: HB***** Sent my wing into a seated 3-set where he was quickly blown out and complained about the ***** shield on the closest girl. So, being the ****y ******* I am, I felt it was my duty to put the girl in her place. So I walked over and opened with "I hear you guys were mean to...
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    The School Bully Scenario and Getting Guys Kicked Out of Clubs

    Try not to be so ****ing short sighted. I'm playing this game for the long term. I need solutions that work for the long term as well. I go out often enough that this situation WILL happen again. Making a habit of getting into barfights is just ****ing stupid on so many levels. I probably...
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    The School Bully Scenario and Getting Guys Kicked Out of Clubs

    Last night, went out super-peacocked as per usual, and got great reactions from the girls and most of the guys, but all it takes is a couple guys to **** up your night. I was in a three set, doing well, when these three guys come up behind me and open me by asking me how much my hat cost. I...
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    *Notes from the field: Weird Overqualification Behavior*

    Lately, I’ve been gaming superhard, with the express intention of either closing a girl intensely or blowing her out. Some strange stuff has happened. I’ve come to the realization that blowouts are not permanent, but that post-blowout game is something I need a good deal of work on still...
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    XANEUS gets PUd by a stripper

    I went to a strip club with my wing last night to work on our stripper game because if you can pull from there, IMO you can pull from anywhere as long as logistics don't **** you up. I wore an extremely flashy hat as a prop to be absolutely sure we got opened. We planted ourselves at a...
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    There has been much debate.....

    um yeah... girls will switch... but they will cheat first. They have to know what they're switching to after all... (p.s. they'll also just cheat without even considering a relationship under many circumstances)... basically my observation of late is that if your game is good enough and...
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    Dont Overgame (for advanced DJs only)

    THIS POST IS SO NOT FOR NEWBIES IT ISN'T EVEN FUNNY! At some point in your DJ career you'll look around and you'll realize that you are no longer AFC... meaning that you won't act AFC EVER... even when you aren't thinking about it. The friend zone will effectively no longer exist for you...
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    NY Capital Region

    Anyone from near Albany?
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    How far is ithaca from albany?
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    The phase model of cold approaches.

    Still 3 second rule it... just like you would otherwise... it's even more natural then. The only thing is if she's clearly already interested don't go ****y/funny/negging quite as hard because you want her to believe she has SOME chance with you (you big stud you ;-)).
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    Do some women prefer AFCs?

    Hmmm... santos covered it pretty well... also, some ugly girls prefer AFCs because they're less likely to cheat... but then we aren't after ugly girls now are we? ;-)
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    The phase model of cold approaches.

    Oh... one more thing... for MrSmooth... your approach should NEVER be 'in a girl's face' if there is ANY possible way to avoid it. It should be as casual as possible.
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    Don't be so quick to NEXT (NOT FOR NEWBIES)

    Invite her to somewhere you were going anyway... if she comes great. If she flakes, what have you lost? Again though... if she shows interest but flakes, she might not be comfortable YET... if she shows disinterest and flakes, that's when you NEXT.
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    A spin on being a challenge

    very good insight bonhomme... you've obviously gotten out and played the game, rather than just sitting behind a keyboard. It is important to calibrate... but for the most part, if you have girls getting pissed and thinking you've gone too far, you'll also be getting laid like a rock star by...
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    On Flaking

    more on this in my don't next so fast post.
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    Is this possible?

    let us all know how it goes... should make for a good story if nothing else
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    Don't be so quick to NEXT (NOT FOR NEWBIES)

    Hey Crackhead... try talking about something other than going out on a date with her. She's not comfortable enough for that if she's flaky. When she feels comfortable, then she won't flake. If you keep pressing, she'll get more and more uncomfortable. Lately, when I get a # I usually don't...