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  1. J

    My girlfriend is out drinking with her hoe friend

    Yup, that is right. I'd say , when you stop trusting her completely, it's time to dump her. If she is heading to ****tail bars to drink with friends, thats a big red flag! It would remove trust. She is not GF material. Start spinning plates ASAP.
  2. J

    Women start argument

    How do you handle arguments that happen for no obvious reason?
  3. J

    Ungrateful meltdown - I'm fed up now

    She has made an apology about it but also claiming neglect? I have not been with other women so dunno what she is on about.
  4. J

    Ungrateful meltdown - I'm fed up now

    Ha ha, I do understand that women are what they are and cannot change, because I have known them to be attention-seeking, inconsistent, emotional, manipulative . Mind wasn't fully made up because I was reading and learning.
  5. J

    Ungrateful meltdown - I'm fed up now

    Please explain more? She really doesn't get me and I thought I understood her but clearly I'm working that out with all the help I can get.
  6. J

    Ungrateful meltdown - I'm fed up now

    Thanks, You are correct here. I'll bring that up properly. It would have been a Yes but after this incident ...
  7. J

    Ungrateful meltdown - I'm fed up now

    I'm in 30s and she is in 20s. But like you said I do value my alone time, doesn't matter if she is a 10 out of 10. Miserable feelings is a red flag for me too, mental health is definitely important.
  8. J

    Ungrateful meltdown - I'm fed up now

    I think these young girls these days are all somewhat gold diggers and think they are entitled to a man spending money on outings for them. She has bought me stuff and paid one outing bill for us and on a hand full of occasions paid for small less than $20 things. I have paid and provided more...
  9. J

    Ungrateful meltdown - I'm fed up now

    This week was hell with her, it's never been like this before. I felt like I could not breathe. She nullified almost everything and made things awkward and uncomfortable. Because of all this I reached out to an old plate and she has been responding, not expecting anything more than fun, but...
  10. J

    Ungrateful meltdown - I'm fed up now

    Now,I do try to avoid this! On my road to become a better man. I say once it's over, it's over, I try to stick to this as best as I can.
  11. J

    Ungrateful meltdown - I'm fed up now

    She played the victim perfectly, and was crying about it like I did something bad to her. She is pushy about living together, feel pressured with that. There are things I'd want her to do, I don't go guilt tripping, manipulating and pressuring her about it. I talk about it like an adult.
  12. J

    Ungrateful meltdown - I'm fed up now

    This sounds good, I'm willing to heed this advice. I'm not looking to just jumpship yet because we had good and genuine feelings. I'll try these, but I would be exhausted with her and feel that she is unappreciative and delusional with her meltdown. Maybe the relationship has run its course...
  13. J

    Ungrateful meltdown - I'm fed up now

    Yer thanks, after a short night of sleep. It still makes no real sense. Been a really bad weekend for my standards, would have been a much better weekend alone!
  14. J

    Why average guys have the biggest advantage

    How do you find out what rating you are as a man?
  15. J

    Ungrateful meltdown - I'm fed up now

    I can't tell her that I want to take a break, it will not go down well.
  16. J

    Ungrateful meltdown - I'm fed up now

    Thanks, I have two that would likely meet. But I have not gone down this route, as everthing had been going well and I don't want to cheat.
  17. J

    Why does a woman need legal commitment?

    Sorry but this post has BETA written all over it. I'd suggest read and learn. Have you not heard of a prenuptial agreement? Any rich man suspicious of a woman can use this. Also, in 2022, on average, many women have similar wealth to men, so getting divorced will mean the woman does not get...
  18. J

    Ungrateful meltdown - I'm fed up now

    I've been dating a young woman and it had been going good for almost 12months plus. It had entered the relationship territory. It started off good, she pushed me to meet her family. We have only had one petty argument and it was due to her being clingy and needy. Overtime, I have noticed that...
  19. J

    Side b*tch game.. for the experienced, accomplished men ..

    1.Why should the woman get bored if her man is being faithful to her and not smashing other girls? 2. If her man is smashing other girls behind her back, she'd most certainly get pissed and do something mad! And relationships crashes In a relationship if you start having sides , your GF will...
  20. J

    Would date a woman over 40?

    Yah, I would. If she was my type with no red flags.