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    Help me guys and gals

    in my honest opinion, this truth is the lighter to your smoke: she eats, she craps, and she sleeps the same way you do. why the **** are you intimidated?
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    Queer Eye For The Extinct Guy

    ****!! the words of a real man, they're so sincere.
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    What Motivates YOU to Weight Train?

    there are no wrong reasons. the results at the gym keep me motivated.
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    Tight foreskin

    man, ****!! seems like im also gonna have to get this procedure done on me... thanks for all the help and info, Santos/
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    Best kind of diet for straight up fat loss?

    take it up to the guys over at the ckd.com forums. they know more about this than me. im sorry
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    Best kind of diet for straight up fat loss?

    Boricua, you are taking post workout carbs(i.e. dextrose) right after lifting, right? im just asking cuz you haven't been carbing up.
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    Titty fat

    from what i've read, if you find hard lumps under nipple/areolar part you may have gyno, other than that it's just fat. if you have had these lumps for more than two years, it's most likely to not go away except for surgery. do some research on the subject
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    What are ways to prepare before long workouts?

    you would be looking for lo gi carbs rather than hi gi for sustained energy.
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    Social Anxiety disorder and being socially inept

    buddy, have we been living the same lives?! im serious, everything was like that to me, EXACTLY! you practically wrote my biography. this is my tip, it may not be worthy, but it definitely has changed my life: leave these boards for a while, quit relying to much on the people here to help...
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    Benefits and Disadvantages of Soy

    Wow! Thanks so freakn much for the links, Diesel. hmm.... i'm beginning to question my tuna, it contains Soy. :mad:
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    Boosting testosterone naturally

    hmm... i've seen bottles with zinc and magnesium together, and im pretty sure there is Vitamin A supplement, i have a bottle.
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    Boosting testosterone naturally

    wouldn't it be cheaper to get Vit A, Zinc, and Magnesium seperately?
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    Boosting testosterone naturally

    and olive oil
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    hey Diesel (and others who want to read for the sake of helping out)

    well on a CKD, you can have a 12 to 48 hour carb up. it's mainly to replenish your muscle glycogen. fat intake is low this(these) day(s), protein is moderate, and you just burst up with the carbs.
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    hey Diesel (and others who want to read for the sake of helping out)

    you're not mistaken Diesel. here's a greatarticle for you Boricua
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    hey Diesel (and others who want to read for the sake of helping out)

    in my stance, i agree with mrader59. i have lost lots of bodyfat and my weightlifting hasn't suffered, i've been on the CKD diet for nearly a month, and you only feel slow and weak the first days. as long as you're eating the necessary amounts of fat and you're eating somewhere around 5 meals a...
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    Heating protein?

    i've heard Soy can boost your estrogen levels. is this true?
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    Someone clear this up for me please!

    man, if you decide to only read Pook's pieces, it's all you really need. i've donwloaded that 'Pook Book', i read it's articles quite often. it has helped tremendously.
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    My Weight Loss Method.

    Someone correct me if im wrong, seriously. Boricua, walking is ok, as long as your heart beat is somewhere between 65% and 80% while you're walking. At this pace, the body uses fat as the primary source of energy. Or is it?
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    I found something that works!

    yeh, i think which thread you're talking about... i think. is it one about the affirmations?? haha, yeh i've been using this for some time.