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    What's with the hate? I have no problem taking a correction. A grammar mistake vs saying something not factual are two different things. "People that tell others to ask them for coaching are not applicable to give out coaching lessons." This makes sense? Seems like hate to me. Thanks for...
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    Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is a good definition for insanity. If you want to get better with women, change must be embraced. Whether your approaching our in a relationship observe what your doing well, observe what you doing wrong. Once you know where you...
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    Slow Resonance

    Toronto is a city on the move. Exotic cars & motorcycles race Yonge street. 9 to 5ers rushing to catch that train home. So how do we stand out with everything moving all around us? Slowing down not only your movements but rate of speech will set you apart. There are numerous studies showing that...
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    Be Your Best Self

    Our own fear keeps us in prison. Beliefs either destroy your prison bars or make them stronger. Whatever you want in this life can be achieved. Some people dream of space travel, other of expensive cars. Some people imagine game winning shots. Spiritual and social change captivated the...
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    did she lose interest? help

    The girl is giving good signs. What you should do is close the deal as soon as possible(sex her). Listen to Espi get more girls on your team.
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    Toronto downtown

    I’m offering a free session for men having trouble approaching and attracting women. If your looking to improve in this area then send me an email. I’m well experienced and also well studied. The best time to take control of your life live is now. Become the type of man who runs into...
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    Leading her and isolation

    I read in “The Game” recently that rings true, as soon as you have a thought to make a move on a girl, do it without hesitation. I look back at my pass success and it rings true. I will no longer sit there trying to play chess with my next move.
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    THE WAY: A Journal

    Choosing to be happy throughout my days is a number one priority. “I want her so bad, it’s not fair” “If I had a beautiful girlfriend..” “If I had more money..” These thoughts are taking away from me enjoying the present moment. I’m grateful for so many beautiful women to interact with and the...
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    THE WAY: A Journal

    June 19 I’ve been getting a lot of complements from older women on my looks. I’ve added about two pounds of muscle mass in the last 3 weeks. I’m 160-161lbs going to 165lbs. It’s funny how a guy’s looks are more based on his size. I’m still putting in work. I’ve heard Tyler Durden say the...
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    THE WAY: A Journal

    June 11 I’m still going at this thing. I met a tourist from France. Her body language was closed however she was hanging around in my presence. She gave me her e-mail. I met these two young girls as well. Me: Where you from? Girl1: Equador Me: What do ya’ll do for fun? Girls...
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    THE WAY: A Journal

    June 9th I believe more focus will to help my game. It hurts my interaction with women to micro managing my actions. Another aspect I must understand is my own value as a man. The seed of a man is that which gives life. A woman is getting more out of the deal. As time goes forward my...
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    THE WAY: A Journal

    June 3,4 Old lady flaked on me. To cut down on the flakes, I should try to relax more. Talk to women from a place of strength. I discovered that I approach more when I repeatedly tell myself “I can be successful with women” I have to study fear of criticism more. Nobody cares, half the...
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    THE WAY: A Journal

    June 2 Thanks Demonicale I’ve been visualizing, practicing in mirror and using affirmation. I notice I’m speaking louder in game. I closed the older lady. She agreed to come over to watch a movie. Seemed like a strong close, hopefully no flake. I’ve been focusing on inner game a...
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    THE WAY: A Journal

    May 28, 29 Last few days have been slow. I called the slim girls with dreads. She gave me some bullshlt about not leaving the house after dark. I’m going to continue on my journey of success with women. I’ve come along way from where I was yet still have ways to go. The last two years of...
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    THE WAY: A Journal

    May 26 I managed to get 3 contacts. Two of the girls seem interested. One of them aggressively hugged me as she left (met her before). The other was leaning forward during our convo. There was a lot of sexual tension with the first girl I felt like grabbing her. Good day. May 27 4...
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    THE WAY: A Journal

    Objectives -Stay positive about my dating skills. Understand it’s about learning. -Build on my strengths and eliminate my weaknesses. May 25 I missed an opportunity on the train. No Excuses. It doesn’t matter if I walk all the way down after her. Overall it was a great day a lot...
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    Only Approach with signs of interest? For seasoned Don Juans

    I usually approach anything to push out of my comfort zone. However I would like to cut down on bad numbers and flakes. Is it wise to only approach women after signs such as prolonged eye contact, proximity etc?
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    Should Newbie’s Target 5s and 6s Only?

    Yah True thanks. I don't think you should every demean yourself with women you find repulsive. Like bukowski_merit was saying women who are average, something you like. I am still going to go after 8s and 9s when i see them. However it makes sense to focus on O.K. women to improve.
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    Should Newbie’s Target 5s and 6s Only?

    Edit "Should Newbie's target 5s and 6s for the most part? I’m wondering for myself. When starting out gaming should you build up a stable of ugos and fattys? After you improve move to the 8s and 9s. Or should you learn to get what you want? I’ve heard dating instructors give arguments for...
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    Plenty of Fish/OkCupid: Make them an offer they can't refuse.

    This is not a bad idea. An element that I'm adding to my game is creativity. I rarely get responses from Ok-cupid. For me saying "hey" or "nice pics" doesn't work to often. Thinking of something original to say about their profile may get a response but no numbers or dates. I do better in the...