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    I need help.

    Most likely EGO problems. I would dig deeper on what it is you want in women in general? If you only want someone just to proof it to yourself that you can have her if shes seeing someone else is very ego based. I would focus more building on yourself and finding your core values and where does...
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    cold approaching waste of time

    There is lot of things that are waste of time, still people do it and i bet many of us also. The only benefit is not the number or the date or whatever. Name me one other activity that sharpens your social skills and gives you an edge of confidence like cold approaching does? Its all how you...
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    What was your breaking point from nice guy to dj?

    Break point was around one year ago even i’ve ”been in the game” over 10 years minus 3-5 years LTR:s. Around 1 year i ago i swallod the red pill after one messed up situation. Before that ive known game and been able to get women but my problems came in when trying keeping them around. Mostly...
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    She disappeared, Im puzzled

    Seems like a legit answer. Wait to hear from her. Date other girls meanwhile.
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    She disappeared, Im puzzled

    From what i read sounds like she has something going on with someone else. Did you ask how long shes been single / how long shes been on dating app?
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    Over 30 DJ's

    31 here. Made a commitment to myself only date under 25’s as long as i can. I think it all comes down to how good you take care of yourself. Girls i date say stuff like ”i wish i lookd like that when im 30+” i hate the stress girls in their 27-30 age bring, you can feel their need to lock you...
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    How do you test women?

    Depends on the situation where your at. i’ve asked to bring a bottle of wine if shes comin over. If im on my way to meet her, ill ask to grab us coffees before we go somewhere. When chilling at her / your place, you can ask her to bring you water when you layback or massage. Start small and...
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    Ive fccked 48 girls this year

    they have a pill for that my brotha haha.Yeah but for real at some point you get over the whole numbers thing and value quality.
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    Ive fccked 48 girls this year

    what the fvck is this? I do belibe OP:s numbers easily. I live in much much smaller city than LA or any of those. Our whole country is like 5mil in total. i know many guys who smash around 100 girls a year here. when i was doing it for the numbers 2 per weekend is pretty normal if you go out...
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    How should I proceed with this girl ? I'm a newbie.

    Yes if you hired her as an employe. If you run a solid business and your lady rather helps you to build the empire than working for someone else, no violations made.
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    How should I proceed with this girl ? I'm a newbie.

    And if you have read (like you said) the rational male, you can find the answers there why women in ltr:s still flirt with other men. Grab the book again
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    How should I proceed with this girl ? I'm a newbie.

    If you experienced problems with dating a coworker, would you mind sharing your stories. I would be glad to see your perspective You pretty much got all the advice for your question and things escalated already. what comes to dating co-workers you / both of you could risk your carees in the...
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    When she pulls back.

    You answered to your own question brotha. If she doesnt come back, wasnt worth it.
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    How should I proceed with this girl ? I'm a newbie.

    There’s much going on here but hard to say if there is any attraction or just work / friend type of communication. Has your dates been dates or just casual meet ups; lunch, coffee etc? I think you should ask her to spend an evening with you, so she’ll get the idea. Also keep in mind that...
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    article: Why PUA ultimately failed

    Game is just deeper in total. PUA is more like a scratch of the surface. Maybe people are also more self aware.
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    How do you approach girls in the club?

    All open here brah in Finland.
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    Opinions how to follow up popular HB8-9??

    You right. Shouldnt have texted anything after we left and thinking about it now would have been better to wait few weeks to initiate anything. What would you have replied to her last message or just left on red? I need to upgrade my other plates now because of this gal.. She too hot.
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    Opinions how to follow up popular HB8-9??

    Yo! Thanks for the reply. She is coming back in few days dont know the exact time. I do know she is from the same city. We spoke during the night. Her parents has lived close to where i live when she was younger. You would call after few weeks even if she didnt initiate anything? v
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    Starting to date hot woman, don’t want to fck it up, need tips!

    I hate to put it so bold but here is the truth. No matter what, both of you cannot be emotionally in love. You can love her thru respect. For what she has given you, reasons like how she made your life better. This deep respectful love is what men should offer. The emotional rollercoaster love...
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    How do you approach girls in the club?

    Higher energy = Value = Intrest. In the nighclub people are there to have fun, you need to become from the frame on being the life of the party. Not so easy to pull off, this is why its easier to pull from cozy places, where just a big smile and positive attitude might change the whole atmosphere.