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    She disappeared, Im puzzled

    You disappeared, not her.
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    BLM, Racism, riots, entitlement's etc

    I have nothing against blacks, I came in IS at 9 years old in 98. I didn’t own a single slave or my family. I should kneel for black people? Do whatever? How can I say a black male is stronger or better looking or smarter or whatever than me? Is that racist? I love my skin, my hair, my...
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    BLM, Racism, riots, entitlement's etc

    I’m sure there are black male visitors and members here. I don’t mean this by any disrespect. As a white male, why should I ever feel your more superior, as in; smarter, better looking, stronger etc. Maude there are stronger and smarter black males than me, and white males smarter and stronger...
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    How to defend a redpill relationship from blupill and feminists?

    Lol there’s no defending. Here is what you need from a woman: To reproduce your DNA. Her sticking around to love you, etc, is just an image. What blue pill? A knight on a white horse comes to rescue the princess? let’s put it this way; those castle walls crumble down real quick and it’s over...
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    What “NEXTING” really means IMO

    Guys I make a lot of money. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some billionaire. But I make a lot of money and hang out with people that make a lot of money. They are older, the ones that treat me their vital sign to their corporation, and others that make best under my system than anywhere in our...
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    What “NEXTING” really means IMO

    If you’re replying to me. I said I fly them out in their own time. My texts are for business and women to be told “we will talk later”, and later means when I want to talk to them.
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    How would you handle this?

    Thanks guy for replying. Reason I wrote this was because I didn’t like how I reacted, but I’m too much on the “what’s your problem” attitude type of dude. I’m not worried about MMA fighter type dude. I was military trained in Balkan wars since 4 years old, I did martial arts in America and got...
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    What “NEXTING” really means IMO

    I ask her if she discovered herself, and after she finishes telling me which colors, movies, careers she wants to pursue, I ask her if she so knowledgeable who is she if we were talking 5,000 years ago, before these colors, careers, etc, who is she than? Ask any female, even your sister.
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    My “NO CONTACT” experience. If you been dumped read THIS.

    My father was always good to me. I had a father, but he never taught me about girlfriends. When I was 18, I had my life planned. In love with a 10/10. Her family took me as if I’m their child and my family took her in as if I’m her child. 3 1/2 years. Never cheated on her, nothing, we loved...
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    Did i play this right

    she said “night right now”, you said “all good!”... Seriously? think about that rationally. She said “not right now”... maybe she thinks next time. You said “all good”... Why do you guys ask females anything? you say “I’m going for drinks, you should come”. Something like that. why ask her?
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    How would you handle this?

    2 times a month I go out, normal guy. Have few drinks, and get wings. This is my “me time”. I have a son I raise, have a business, etc... but I take 2 times a month to have few beers and wings and have “me time”. so I’m at the bar and these two chicks come up, and I know one of them, so I take...
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    What “NEXTING” really means IMO

    Let me tell you, I read posts about nexting a chick for reasons that are dumb. You next a chick cause she didn’t reply? Didn’t meet up? Didn’t want to meet up? Look at yourself... that’s not why YOU NEXT a chick. This is why you NEXT a chick. You **** her, hang with her, she does dumb **** you...
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    More text game fails...

    My man... you a met a chick at a pizza place, got her number.. simple as this: “how was your pizza?” her: “whatever she says” it doesn’t matter you: “Friday if you’re free I’m taking to a pizza you must try, alright?” that’s it...find a special pizza place and have her try it, have fun...
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    Heard a new rejection the other day

    Basically she has someone she’s ****ing and wishing to take over, that she’s submitted too... but you’re a good guy, etc and if she fails “you never know what the future holds” aka, she considers you as “beta bucks”...
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    How to Meet a High Quality Woman

    What is a “high quality” woman? Her looks? Money? What is it? This dude is an idiot. Be a high quality man. When you go outside in the real world, how you carry yourself, what you say, how you say, better be high quality. Do you need to hang around good looking rich guys? Is that making you...
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    Will Smith Alpha or Simp?

    jada is known as a industry slut. look at nicki Minaj, ****ing Gucci mane,and his squad, sleeping in THE CAR at that time... now she’s a “Barbie” Look at Meek, her ex. He is the biggest simp. Dude is arguing with her, and her current, and he isn’t with her. Lol
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    Will Smith Alpha or Simp?

    pass me what you’re smiling brother. I’ll have a princess and my name will be Mario, life will be peaceful and everyone who’ll grow gold.
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    Girls Don't Recognize my Intentions: Showing Intent

    I believe you put too much feelings in her. Go do your things with other chicks, when she asks how you are, say “couldn’t be better”.. it’s more words than “good” or “great” so it doesn’t seem but hurt. when she asks “what you doing”, tell her whatever you wish. Meeting up with a chick, not...
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    Girls Don't Recognize my Intentions: Showing Intent

    simple as this. Either she wants you or she doesn’t, you don’t think anything else.
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    My “Want See My Nails” theory

    I can. Thing is I never plan on it. my texting is legit like this. whatever a chick says, I say something I w nice way to in it into sexual activity. for example. this chick sends me a messages of how Hitler was the creator of the blow up doll,and screen shot from google about it. Now what...