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    Can Walking With An Attractive Lady Increase your social status

    Damn right it does! Remember girls react on emotions and jealousy is a big emotion! if they see someone who is taken and obviously happy they want a part of that..
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    I need help preparing for this date

    well.... Don't try to hard, just have a good time. Talk to everyone and joke around with people as much as possible (building social value). DO not just be all positive and try to impress her... use push pull, if she does something awkward jokingly make fun of her (like call her a dork or...
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    In a gray zone

    I was doing really good for a long time there and then I am gettin in like a zone just were I used to be... I cant even read the stuff on this site and take stuff in like I could I don't know what the hell my problem is :cuss: .... I think I am hittin a walll that I'm trying to overcome but it...
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    Personal Development - A Counter Intuitive Approach

    Wow man you seem to be going through the exact stuff that I'm going through... I have also just recently started working so much and Barely have time to socialize and its doing nothing but good. It keeps me level headed around places were I use to be freeking out... What you said about...
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    Don't Be SPINELESS And It all Comes Together

    Good stuff, I completely agree... Its just knowing what you want and going for it.. Not staying in your head and being nervous all the time.
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    You are 'nice' --- Need help from former 'Nice guys'

    A lot of it is in your body language also... Pay attention to jocks and d!ckheads and how they carry themselves.. Nice guys tend to be self concious and you can see it in the way they move stand and talk. I used to be always thinking stuff (being selfconsious) it's part of being a nice guy. What...
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    How to fix the sweet tooth?

    Thanks everyone, good stuff!
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    How do I avoid paying/taking her to expensive restaurants etc?

    Its because you are a FVCKIN DJ and instead of you kissing their ass they are trying to kiss up to you! You are on the right side of things man.. Respect
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    How to fix the sweet tooth?

    Anyone else have any good ideas like dried mangoes?
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    Advice needed on talking about yourself

    Thanks for the advice guys.. It definitely makes since on what you’re saying fred bear. "I remember times I have even said yeah once you get used to it, it’s not much more different then a car." I'll just talk about it as positive as I can and use charisma.. Thanks again!
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    I have a hot date tonight, if it goes well..

    You are worrying to much and overanalyzing everything. Like you said you will be confident, but if you keep worrying about these things she can pick up on it (those are afc thoughts). ASSUME attraction and that she wants to be with you. Just be yourself and if it goes good She will want to do...
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    Advice needed on talking about yourself

    I have heard two different sides on talking about yourself. One side says dont and the other says go for it to build social value. My problem is my job always has people wanting to talk about it (flight instructor) and what I have been doing I don't think is that great. I don't ever mention...
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    How to fix the sweet tooth?

    My biggest problem when I'm on a diet is that I always want something sweet after a meal. I try not to but what eventually happens is that when I have gone for awhile without something sweet I cant help it I always go overboard then have a bunch of sweet stuff. So what I was woundering do...
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    It feels like everyone hates me!

    Crack is bad... mmmk
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    Something I've noticed from reading these boards...

    Then stop coming here if you want to complain so much. This is a site where everyone is trying to improve themselves and just cause you don't agree with some advice it doesn't mean you have to be a pessimistic a$$ to everyone. Yes a lot of this site is on initial attraction but then there is a...
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    Let The Game Begin Movie in theaters Today!

    Yeah it seems like its going to be a total hit! I'll probably end up renting it though!
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    No energy

    I drink those 5 hour energy shots.. They are the fvckin bomb... (do the extra strenght one if you have to stalk her till the early hours)
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    The 1# Golding Rule You Must Remember Till Infinity!

    It's true... People need to stop just excisiting and start living. Wake up from a world of subconsious self hate and see how this world really is..
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    Personal Development - A Counter Intuitive Approach

    I see where you are coming from, it is just the way you are going about it. When he is telling you to kill your desperation all he is really talking about is projecting self confidence. He wants you to go out and approach girls so you can control the approach anxiety. To me it sounds like you...
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    Becoming chill- the community has improved my life

    Nice thread Bible belt, it is all very true. The attitude of loving women helps a lot! Not in an afc way but women in general.. Everyone of them has a positive side.. I like it, Thanks