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    Mistake: When you don't remember a girl, she hates you for it.

    Wait till you sleep w/one on a ONS and you forget it. Then yrs from that, you see them again and remind you. But you forgot it. Really pisses them off. I know personally
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    Is It possible to workout and Party @ the same time?

    Its quite the fine line here, and I've been walking it since my first BB competition in 1984. I found out that when I got high a lot, my diet when to hell(via the munchies) so did my self-discipline. But when I kept myself contained to 1-2 beers per weekend, only clubbing ONE night per week, it...
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    So I got the crap beaten out of me last night

    OK I'm trying to have a mature and unbiased look at the whole thing..that being said, a few points *Should the OP sue and /or press charges against the assailant? IMHO the husband deserves to pay OP's med bills. At the least. When you become a lawless society, anarchy prevails. Whats next? If...
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    Most AFC Songs

    I was laughing at some of the choices...without a doubt AFC. Then again, my Brother is a musician and song writer on a local and yrs ago, had some notoriety. He often said that words to a song are about like a keg of beer with no taper. Useless. They don't mean much, they are at random and while...
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    Most AFC Songs

    I probably view things bit different, but a lot of these so called "AFC" songs that are considered romantic or whatever, makes great background music....for as I call it "Shagging" LOL! Like the old Barry White songs. I admit these are AFC if looked at from our perspective, but a lot of women...
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    born again bachelor

    I don't agree with the quote in the linked article...I'll be 50 soon and I've always been more than proud to announce my bachlerhood. IMO it speaks volumes..."Challenge" "Smart" "Discriminating" "Player" "Different" "career oreinted, IE $$)" "Secure" "Independant" . Now each woman may view these...
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    Married women who cheat...............

    Good summation Trent, I'd say you pretty much got it. Now I don't personally hunt and seek married women, but if they start something, I'll finish it. But a while back I snagged a married one who WAS in love with her husband(Refer to #7), and she never put the hate on him, he never hit her, he...
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    Can a woman from a rich family adjust to a lower std of living and still be happy?

    Good comeback on the T-Day thing. My ex GF never physically went thru my wallet, but she would ask me how much I had. She knew I was a bit tight. In restuarants, she would look at what I tipped the waitress, which I always contributed at least the standard 15%, and at times would tell me to chip...
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    Can a woman from a rich family adjust to a lower std of living and still be happy?

    To answer your question: With a few exceptions, I'd say no, they are used to a standard and most aren't willing to comprimise that. Love may be fine but it won't pay the bills. I dated a hot rich gal for almost 5 yrs. Every motel we stayed in, she had to inspect the room beforehand(even...
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    Most obvious come-on that was missed

    OK, I'll put down my Geritol and show may age :)... Back in the 70's (yes back then) I was about 18, living at home and going to college. One weekend when my parents were away, I had some people over. Back then I was smoking pot morning, noon and night. With that came the munchies...in other...
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    more advanced cat's help

    LOL! The truth.. they tell you left and mean right. They tell you white and choose black. They tell you yes, which means no.
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    more advanced cat's help

    Here ya go Bro: http://www.sosuave.net/forum/showthread.php?t=98894&highlight=acronyms
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    24 yrs down the drain

    Welcome aboard thy Brother. Welcome to the nuthouse :) Put your own filter on advice here. For the most part, its right on. You will recover and down the road you will wonder why you wasted all those yrs with same bimbo. Ncie to see another one my age. I'm ex Redondo Beach man myself...
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    Chicks with Kids

    No, have no kids (that I know of!). I like kids, I took my neices and nephews to parks, circus's, and whatever. But the day to day chore of raising them...no. Of course w/all due respect to those who do have kids and is raising them. My hats off to ya!
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    Chicks with Kids

    As I stated earlier, at my tender age 49, why limit myself to childless women in my dating age range(approx 32 and up)? I can think of a precious few that fall in the NO-CHILD category. Like 5%. ANd gets worst with advanced age. But most of that tiny 5% are extreme flakes. Don't want to go...
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    Chicks with Kids

    I've been dating a woman w/3 kids, the youngest just started college on a soccer schoolership. Now the drawback at least for me is attending Jr's game which sometimes are 100 miles or more away and nesitate an overnight stay ($). Such as this weekend. Really not that into it either but will...
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    Wealthy men give women more orgasms

    Not that I agree w/this thoery 100% but....I think dirt poor guys are in the same boat as fat ugly women.
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    anabolic steroids, does anyone here uses them?

    Actually good points by all concerning Pro and Con. I use them despite the risks, however I also drink sparingly, don't smoke, do Cardio to keep any heart damage minimal, eat low fat, high fiber foods and generally lead a very healthy lifestyle. Guaranteed it will ward off any problems? Of...
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    Coke and American women.............

    The key word in my sentence was SHE was hitting the pipe, not me. She was smoking crack. The very worst I ever did was the powder. That was bad enough. Thank God I haven't touched that crap for many yrs
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    anabolic steroids, does anyone here uses them?

    Found video...scroll down here about halfway, its dated 09.02.05 HBO sports on steroids. http://www.legalmusclebooks.com/page.php?pageID=8 FWIW...