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    Your Everyday HB 10 FACE

    Every girl posted here is attractive.
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    What appearance change increased the attention you got from women the most?

    One thing that I find odd, and tough to explain, is that: a. when I dress up, EVERY girl stares, but not that many girls approach. b. when I dress casually, fewer girls stare, but many more girls approach.
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    The Gay Agenda and PUA's: Astonishing Similarities

    Calm down, bro. We can discuss this like men, rather than calling each other names like 10 year old kids on the playground.
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    The Gay Agenda and PUA's: Astonishing Similarities

    Actually, the game metaphor is far older than most people realize and far more prevalent, encompassing all of life's activities. For example, when you get serious about a girl, you engage in "courtship," meaning you play the dating game just like you play tennis or basketball on a court...
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    The Gay Agenda and PUA's: Astonishing Similarities

    Yeah man, I didn't feel like writing an entire book in the first thread, but pretty much everything being thrown at us is being used to destroy us: -feminism -male emasculation -the gay agenda -the paedo agenda -pua faggotry This is just a short list of the garbage being shoved...
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    The Gay Agenda and PUA's: Astonishing Similarities

    We live in a decadent society and era in which every manner of perversion is being rolled out on the red carpet, forced down our throats, and legislated and protected as "normal." In particular, the gay agenda is being promoted 24/7 by the media and politicians. Gay lobbyists and politicians...
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    I never realized women care so much about looks till now

    Welcome to the destruction of civilization...it will only get worse from here on out.
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    What's up with all the Asians making race threads

    I haven't checked those threads you're talking about, but I do know that there are lots of indian immigrant FOB's (I don't mean that in a condescending way, more as a neutral descriptor) who are trying to make their way socially stateside nowadays. These guys and gals have terrific middle class...
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    How do black men get decent white women

    This has to be the most pathetic forum on the internet. Has the human race really sunk this low?
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    Race is an Illusion: Fvck What Ya Heard!

    My first thought was to call you out as a dyslexic or a retard. But that would go against what this forum is ostensibly trying to accomplish. :) If you are able, try to actually read my fvcking post. You're welcome. :)
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    Race is an Illusion: Fvck What Ya Heard!

    I don't have a lot of time at the moment to write up anything detailed. I am saddened however, to see so many MEN who are supposedly devoted to self improvement putting each other down with stupid racial stereotypes and saddling themselves with these antiquated limiting beliefs. Race is...
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    I Am The Alpha Male, But I Am Unhappy

    Yeah, that's the plan. I feel bad for people who look to this forum for advice. So much racist garbage in this forum. It's matrix programming guys. It's totally irrelevant. Unless you believe in the lie, which most of you do.
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    I Am The Alpha Male, But I Am Unhappy

    Interesting thoughts, gentlemen. I am inclined to start a journal and note my progress. It should be fun.
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    What kind of men date good looking Blondes on the regular?

    Right on man. I agree with what you're saying. I am taken aback myself when I got sucked into the 'matrix' programming, and have to shake myself free. It's a hard path when you are trying to make your own way. But it's either that or enslavement.
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    What kind of men date good looking Blondes on the regular?

    That's actually 3 categories, lol. But yeah, you speak the truth. I'm amazed at how consistently you see certain black dudes with either heavy set and/or rather ugly, white women. And yes, there are certainly black dudes who have an identity apart from fitting into one of the pre-assigned...
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    Ways to Increase Actual and Perceived Value

    Great keyboard jockey material, but you don't have to have or display any of these characteristics to be high value.
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    I Am The Alpha Male, But I Am Unhappy

    I ditched all of my wings a few months back and dedicated myself (as if it were a sport, ha) to going out solo and seeing what was possible. I wanted to go out as often as possible and be as cool and friendly with everyone as possible. I'm a regular in the "hot spots" in my town and I have to...