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  1. MrAddiction

    Anyone over 40?

    That might be helpful - both former well known members in the begining days of this forum. Book of Pook https://theredarchive.com/Book%20of%20Pook%20-%20A4%20-%20Sans%20Serif.pdf Speaking of finding a “quality woman” Antidump’s machine...
  2. MrAddiction

    As I get older my friends seem to be really boring...

    I exactly know what you’re talking about. Let me put it this way: People seem to age way faster than me even younger. I still do whatever brings fun; to my life and I barrly say no to anything only if there is a really good reason Not to do something. With my friends I always am the one pushing...
  3. MrAddiction

    separation after 9 years of marriage

    I‘ll leave you with these two linked reads worth considering. https://archive.is/Iz5qK https://archive.is/13Sq5
  4. MrAddiction

    ALWAYS hug her on a first date, even during Corona...

    Wait ....are you serious? You are wearing pants when you go on a date? ;-)))) Ourdays: wearing a mask is absolutely sufficiant. ;-)
  5. MrAddiction

    How does one trust again?

    A woman says “I love you” but means “I love you for...”: what you do to me, give to me and how you make me feel. At the same time she reinforces you to keep on doing that stuff or even more. It’s like dogtraining. If these things are gone her so called love is gone too. It’s basically more like...
  6. MrAddiction

    Is there any De-Alpha book?

    I hoped that original comment to listen to lovesongs was meant sarcastically. Cause I think that no redpilled guy will be able to listen to lovesongs and not wanting to vomit or having a big love. The Redpill is even so deep in the subconsciousness that even songs I liked to listen to before...
  7. MrAddiction

    10 years at SoSuave

    Great post man. Have kinda experienced you processing/ journey through your posts - been here since 2008. It is very insightful and on top nice to read a quality post that not has the narcisisstic „I am am the best - all others are ****“ attitude that a lot posts reak ourdays. Keep onto your...
  8. MrAddiction

    GF has done several married man

    Here we go wit the dark red flag!
  9. MrAddiction

    Charlie Brown (BPD) Experience

    Only just because she is a highfuntional BPD, does not make it less dangerous. Do not be Captain Save a hoe in this scenario. Search for posts of KontrollerX an der his BPD Advise in this forum ....its from around 2006 but spot on. Everybody who is warning you in this thread are as far as I...
  10. MrAddiction

    Charlie Brown (BPD) Experience

    Think he hasn’t yet understood with what kinda drug he is fooling around. He probably thinks this is just some casual Canabis use while he already is on massive heroin abuse without acknowledging it himself.
  11. MrAddiction

    Charlie Brown (BPD) Experience

    THat is selfdelusional, if it’s BPD nobody will ever work this through. Does not seem as if you really understood what BPD means and understood what is discussed on here about it. It’s like saying, ah, she just put a machinegun to my head but hey, we are gonna work this through. If you really...
  12. MrAddiction

    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    Think that some of you should read this - might be eye opening in one way or another https://therationalmale.com/2018/08/01/blue-pill-trauma/
  13. MrAddiction

    What do you all think about RSD?

    That has nothing got to so with RSD!
  14. MrAddiction

    Just asked coworker to lunch.

    Again: good luck
  15. MrAddiction

    Just asked coworker to lunch.

    Red flag no 1 Red flag no 2 Red flag 3: she smokes, you Do not. Isn't that enough to eject from the begining? That smells scarcity. As much als I appreciate the mindset: rejection is better than regret. This one might end in bigger regret than not having asked. But: good luck
  16. MrAddiction

    At what point in time did a girl you’ve been dating ask you about past relationships/dating history?

    Go and listen to the Great Anti-Dump http://www.sosuave.net/forum/threads/when-she-asks-you-to-go-through-your-past-relationships.18289/#post-149621
  17. MrAddiction

    Need advices

    ..and do not forget to adopt the child... so that you can pay for it, even after the single mother run off with her child an another man, Seriously man: wake up. Do not marry - you should better reconsider if that is worth a relationship at all!
  18. MrAddiction

    At what point in time did a girl you’ve been dating ask you about past relationships/dating history?

    Must add.you must feel comfortable with yourself then you can make her belief anything. The mind believes what the eyes see and the ears hear. (John Travolta in Password swordfish;-)) Self confidence is key!
  19. MrAddiction

    At what point in time did a girl you’ve been dating ask you about past relationships/dating history?

    That is good advice. I would add learn to lie without lying. Trick here is obviously exaggerating, that it is clear, you Do, but stick to it How many girlfriends did you have? 651 Come on Ok. If forgot a few... 675... Come on Ok. To be true, I stopped counting at 600 Always wth that said smile...