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    Diamondback firearms. smallest, lightest 9mm

    make your own. google for a Kydex source. get a heat gun, $20 from hardware store, $10 or less at a pawn shop. heat the kydex until it will fold easily around the gun. heat it a bit more, carefully, playing hot air over the entire rig, until the plastic molds to the shape of the gun a bit. let...
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    Men who beat their wives are faggots. dead srs

    if you LET them have anything in the way of money, beyond a $20 bill now and then, you are nuts. Go WITH her and SEE TO IT that the money is spent as you wish for it to be.
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    Americans are getting poorer

    the property tax for public school is theft, too. If you cant pay for ALL of your kids' needs yourself, DON'T HAVE THE KIDS. EACH kid you want to have is going to cost you 1/2 million dollars. If they are not worth that much out of your savings, ie, between you and spouse HAVE 1/2 million in...
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    my friends suck. ( how do i set better boundaries)

    only idiots try to alter their minds chemically.
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    Women & Sex

    SOME women experience lust as we do, but the % of such gals is not high, most have to have a committed relationship with the guy, THEN they are often hot for HIM, but him only.
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    Would you stay with a woman after a crippling accident?

    I"m too shallow to even consider it. Sorry. Life's a *****, and then you die.
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    When the eyes of desire are upon you

    For the same amount of time in the gym, you could get in shape AND learn serious fighting skills, if you train with a real karate instructor. It might cost you more for small classes, (big classes, over 4 people) are worthless, but it won't cost more than having a personal physical trainer, and...
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    Dealing with Girlfriends ex-boyfriend

    I'd be carrying a pistol, but then I do that anyway. :-) I'd also get a black belt, but I've had that for 40 years now, so I dont really remember what it was like to have to worry about other people.
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    tips for an action date

    Borrow a friend's .22 handgun, take her shooting. Be sure to have ear and eye protection for both of you! Do not let her ears take a beating as you enter the range area! Take her to a karate class, AFTER you have researched such things and enrolled in a GOOD one, small numbers class, high $...
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    The Solution to Social Anxiety

    Get a black belt in karate. You will be AMAZED at what it does for you, confidence-wise, and it's a great icebreaker with the ladies. Just reach up and kick the top of the door frame, casual like, and see what she says or does. :-) If she's turned off or scared, you dont want her, anyway. Even...
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    Be very careful of women who try to get pregnant on purpose

    If you've got any sense, you'll get a vasectomy, PRONTO. If you THINK that you just CAN'T accept adopting a kid someday, you are a victim of "lizard brain", so called "thinking". Such weak minded people are the main ones who should NOT have kids, but there is the option of freezing/storing your...
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    enjoying vs escaping entertainment

    Very little in life means much of anything to most people. they have no insight, they are drones, doing what others do, without any thought about why they do it.
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    Hatred for AFCs

    I don't understand why anyone remains an untrained fighter, both armed and unarmed. It's obviously needed, either by yourself or loved ones you SHOULD have trained, so why aint you GOT it, hmm? What's your bs excuse, anyway?
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    After yesterday evening, I pity all you american men.

    if anyone can just simply slap you, you desperately need both hand to hand instruction and "awareness" training. sheesh,man, how lame can you get? When a gal at work tried this on me once, a knife hand block to her forearm just automatically occurred. She gaped at me, remembered I was a...
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    I’m The Only Thing I’m Afraid Of

    If you don't think that there are other people who are ACTIVELY trying to bring you down, your race and type of person in general if not you personally, your life style, your nation, then you are deluded, dude. It's NOT just all "you". In fact, you are a very tiny part of it all, so get over...
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    I have several Posting on Net forums is one. Shooting is another, karate another. I've been a survivalist, hunter, black belt and shooter for 40 years now, and none of those subjects-pursuits have ever bored me. They have introduced me to some of the most rewarding people that anyone could ever...
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    Know why cave men dragged women by hair?

    this is the "anything else" sub-forum, right? If you don't like it, tough stuff, dude. Wtf do you give a damn what I do or don't post, anyway?
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    The 4 Dangers Destroying Men

    gee, great commentary. WHAT part is bs, and what makes you say so, or are you CAPABLE of explaining anything?
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    Are we more intelligent than the Universe?

    Neither Russia nor China is in ANY position to fight us. Russia is nearly bankrupt, and China is completely dependent upon trade with us.
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    Know why cave men dragged women by hair?

    when you drag them by their feet, they fill up with sand. :-)