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    help for a veteran

    Well about a yr later i am back, to report my progress: How to achieve happiness on a day to day basis I.Stabilize life A.Find/Keep reliable job-I managed to aquire and secure a job, im treated poorly but i have been here for more than a yr. B.Acquire all my transcripts & stay @ on...
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    You guys ever get back in touch with your "no contacts"?

    Flyod that was sum heavy ****.!!! Good post bro on self enlightenment.
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    What's Wrong With Single Mothers?

    I'll be back to post...beatin a dead horse is fun...no surprises
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    Got a date with a stripper but wondering...

    if they dont respect you strippers are as cruel as any other woman.
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    Girl is sending odd messages.

    see im a lil diff. As long as its not costing me anything & i mean anything i would burn the bridge. I would spin many other plates, she wud also be one.
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    Got a date with a stripper but wondering...

    Treat her like any other woman. bring your a game, establish alpha so she knows she cant run her game on you (sep urself from being a mark)
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    A goodlooking face or money is everything. Not being Don Juan.

    I know alot of hideous low quality guys(broke) that have bad chicks. yes the other stuff can increase the probubility of success but look @ it like this. If ur filthy rich but u have a 2" pecker do you think ul have success w/the ladies?
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    Chicks that don't talk?

    Id go easy w/her & meantime spend my energy in other yet promising "investments". Spin plates
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    Warning: DO NOT ESCALATE IN DAY GAME + corrupt cops

    test the water @ el stud i have a home boy who deals w/wat ur goin thru. I aint gonna bash you. Your drawlin: It sounds like you were a bit over zealous in ur mass/spamming style approaches. You are prolly too aggressive. She was bein a puss, alot of females are too sensitive and sometime...
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    @ the OP you look fine. You on campus, be social w/ everyone. Become the guy to know. Join a club of something your good at. Being black has its pros/cons. since your on campus the cons dont apply. Like someone else said, blacks=cool as far as parties/dancing ect go. College=parties. college is...
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    Need advice to stop putting HBs on a pedestal

    Go in the bathroom after they take a dump. dont let em spray. See if it smells diff from when you take a crap lol jkjkjkj Beauty isnt the only valuable trait. Personally im more attracted to educated/intellegent women.
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    Are there any good posts here on actual, definitive success in life?

    to me it means aquiring/acomlishing your goals in life in some form or another. no more or less.
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    college girl show interest and initiates meetup then flakes. help

    Bf #2...or #3 but prolly #4 Real rap, I dont think u really did anything wrong. You invited her to things you were doin. If she liked you as much as you think she did, then she woulda went. Especially since your a frat boy(social status). The problem is this, she may like you but shes...
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    Clothes! What do you rock?

    If i do the GQ thing(fall and spring). Grown & sexy. I like express button ups, polo's boots & shoes, polo shirts, sweaters & clarks wallys. dkny & levi jeans. Jcrew sweaters. Never tommy. I'm im doin casual then im in a white tee, jeans a fitted or snap back cap & match in sneakers
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    White guys get all the girls

    In western civs there is a accepted "white privilage". While girls usually assoc white guys with success(High college grad rate/low incarceration rate) that doesnt mean you cant be the exception to their standards. Keep in mind tho generally speaking people have a gen tendancy to marry w/in...
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    interesting video about single moms

    http://www.youtube.com/embed/18WyL4OIpbg, plus facebook thread, Guys who date Single Moms are REAL men <3
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    I Need Advice Asap Please!!!! Im About To Fight

    its a recession pay me and ill glaly stomp his azz out. seriously tho id ignore it, i mean fight if it gets physical but before you do make sure you report him to the man so he will be arrested and you will be in self defense
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    Is there a racial barrier?

    TIC-ill go into an indepth detail later, but i dont worship any woman, especially not white girls. Actually if you read my post you will see a very rational explaination as well as me stating i like ethnic girls
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    need some insight about woman problems

    I'm not pvssy whipped in the least i had a new girl last night im just not sure if losing a friend who bent over backwards for me was worth a lil pride. Like marcellus wallace said in pulp fiction Fvck pride.
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    need some insight about woman problems

    sorry it was a rushed copy & paste. runner83-We fight all the time in general i have the reputation of being a heel. I wont sit here & lie and say she hasnt helped me through hard times. She wrote me when i was locked up, 2x, drove me around while my license was suspended, gave me food while i...