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  1. teebear

    How Possible to Climb the Ladder?

    That's the attitude that you've got to take. And you've seen the evidence already; you made a change and saw a benefit. Those benefits continually add up until YOU'RE the guy that somebody else is looking at, wishing they could be in your shoes. You'll be happier in the long run if you stop...
  2. teebear

    How Possible to Climb the Ladder?

    My advice about clothes shopping probably sounds shallow and trite. At first glance I thought that this was a "how do I get started?" thread. I do see value in a new wardrobe, however. You know that feeling you get when you wear your "lucky shirt"? Imagine feeling that way every single time you...
  3. teebear

    How Possible to Climb the Ladder?

    Go clothes shopping. Take style tips from male celebrities you admire and are roughly the same age/demographic as you and go from there. When you look good, you feel more confident and people treat you better. Trust me. It works.
  4. teebear

    The Hardest Question I've Had to Ask Myself

    A very timely thread indeed. Just what I needed. I split from my near-Unicorn a few months ago and have been second guessing my decision ever since. She was smart, beautiful, wealthy and she treated me like gold. The problem: she liked her alcohol a little too much. We've spent a couple of...
  5. teebear

    Did I F up?

    This woman sounds intelligent and like she has good self esteem. I wouldn't try to game her much, if at all. That said, a little "Beta game" might save the day. Your player cred is well established; now might be the time to dial it down a notch and propose a dinner date or something to reset...
  6. teebear

    Did I F up?

    Not a lost cause at all but... You were mistaken to assume that you had plans. The "that sounds good" comment, while encouraging, is not the same as "see you there". You were halfway there though; you had a time, but not a place. Finalizing plans three hours before the date is insufficient...
  7. teebear

    “We Are Together or Not, No Inbetween”

    The right thing to do is to let her go. Wouldn't you want that if the roles were reversed?
  8. teebear

    Conversation with Hooters bartender

    Practice is good. :up: Get used to talking to pretty women. After a while it won't phase you at all.
  9. teebear

    how to tell if your attractive literally?

    If you're being approached at all then you are by definition, attractive. I experience this all the time. I'll go out to bars and women will approach and offer to go home with me but they're almost always 6's and 7's. My theory is that these women don't get approached very often except from the...
  10. teebear

    Things Not To Tell Girls You Meet

    Policing your thoughts interrupts your flow and interferes with your game. That has been my experience, anyway. I'd try not to think about it too much and get your conversation skills to the point where she's doing most of the talking and you're reacting to what she's saying without revealing...
  11. teebear

    cancelling plans with reason

    I'm glad you had a good time. Sounds like your gamble paid off. You'd be cool with it naturally, if a woman broke a date by straight up telling you that a better looking, more interesting man asked her out? I think that tact goes very well with charisma but it's in short supply these days. I...
  12. teebear

    I lost my girl to a pro athlete

    I see this advice all the time. With all due respect, I don't think it's that simple when it comes to women you truly like. Plates - yeah - during the early going, maybe. We're human beings. You meet a pretty girl, have sex with her and you develop feelings. It's only natural to want to keep...
  13. teebear

    Upping my wardrobe

    Lace-ups are much better than slip-ons. I don't know if slip-ons even qualify as dress shoes. But yeah, nice shoes and button-up shirts are a must. Match your belt to your shoes (black & black, brown & brown). An adult male should NEVER be seen wearing running shoes except for when he's...
  14. teebear

    1st date with an older woman who has never been married or kids. What should I look out for?

    I was going to suggest that you be alert to the signs of a drinking problem but it's a moot point now. But absolutely, send a courtesy text with a plausible excuse for canceling. We are dealing with real people here. Treat others the way you wish to be treated. It will serve you well.
  15. teebear

    3-4 dates tommorow. How do I tell them i ain't paying?

    If you asked them out, you pay. You look like a cheapskate otherwise. This is not an issue of game. It's just good manners.
  16. teebear

    Should I txt her or leave it ?

    Sounds like she's jerking you around, possibly waiting for better options. She asked you if you were free Friday night but didn't commit to anything so in her mind, she's not flaking. I'd still text her on Friday morning but I'd anticipate more silence.
  17. teebear

    Women who get plastic surgery

    No. You'd never know it by looking at me. My surgeon was excellent.
  18. teebear

    Women who get plastic surgery

    Ya, I can see how you'd think that but I definitely don't look or behave feminine in any way. It was the first time anybody has called me pretty, to my face. People usually just tell me I'm handsome. Not patting myself on the back here, just underscoring the point that plastic surgery is an...
  19. teebear

    Women who get plastic surgery

    I got my nose fixed and a chin implant done. My facial aesthetics are WAY better than they were before. I was teased about my looks beginning at age 10 and it never really relented. My former brother-in-law even went to town on me at my wedding reception and I was in my 30's then. Once I got...