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    Vegas Baby!!!

    Here's a quick update after night 1 meet girl on first plane...actually before we even board...Our seats are even right nexst to each other ....she's going somewhere else though....but we live in the same town....number close with plans for a week and a half a way...we spend almost 4 hours...
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    Vegas Baby!!!

    I'll be in Vegas from Wed to Sat morning....anyone partying....let me know I'll roll though... peace
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    Girl likes me to go out with her and her friends?

    sure I'll ask her tomorrow when we go out...in the mean time....what do you think....?
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    Girl likes me to go out with her and her friends?

    What do I make of this....on quite a number of our dates this chick likes to bring her friends along....most of the time they are from out of town and are only staying a day or two... Am I being shown off or is she not comortable being alone with me.... what do yall think? :confused:
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    Good colognes

    Cool Water Nautica D & G Lacoste and if nothing works for ya...do what grandpa did in the Lost Boys.....Windex baby!!!! :up:
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    Constant reminder of the thing that bothers me the most

    enjoy it while you can....when you're older you won't want to look it....
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    Man am I having problems

    Well she wasnt' the first girl I made do that....won't be the last either :crackup: I'm just gonna have to make sure I'm doing what I want... thanks guys :up:
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    Man am I having problems

    "Better to love and lost than never have loved at all" :up: My body definately says yes....... I guess...I'll have to see if my mind will follow
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    Man am I having problems

    It wasn't just the sheets man....it went through a pad and to the mattress.... but I hear ya about the connection thing... She just got out of a relationship and I haven't been in one for long time now....well 4 years... I don't want to be the rebound dude...feel me?
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    Man am I having problems

    Yea the oneitis thing is what I'm trying to avoid....I don't want to be head over heals and end up blowing the whole thing....know what I mean... This girl (the one in my head) has already professed just how much she likes me....and I'd say interest level is somewhere close to the...
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    dancing problem last night

    You must have no rhythm....dance like you're fvckin :rockon:
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    How do you know what number an HB is?

    Its funny that no one mentions personality here.... To me a 10 is the one you'd marry.....everything else just leads up to that.... And if you settle before you reach your 10 then you're just screwing yourself.
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    Man am I having problems

    Kourt you missed something... I'm currently dating both....but one has obviously over taken my mind... The problem I have is that even though there is another girl I can't get the other one out of my head....
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    Man am I having problems

    what the hell is wrong with me... I spent all last night bangin this one girl...so well we drenched her bed real bad...felt like she was pee'in on me when she came....but the whole freakin time I was thinkin about this other chick...I wasn't thinkin about bangin the other girl....she was just...
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    How to keep her keen!!

    brilliant!!! just brilliant :crackup:
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    I have a fetish for DUMB chicks

    To each his own :up: You keep all the dumb ones...and I'll take all the smart ones....deal? Save me the trouble of dealing with stupid broads.... :crackup:
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    this baffles me need help

    Step outside of your own situations and analyze them as if they were not yours..... try that... :rockon:
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    I Think Im Kinda Learning

    Man kid you haven't even started the climb of your social years yet .... the peak is farther down the road than you think... :crackup: I have to agree with GloriouslyInsane you have to keep pushing your limits. The trick is to be comfortable being uncomfortable. :rockon:
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    I'm throwing this out there.. =)

    Even the best get hung up once in a while....we're only human right.....I meant that as people not that I concider myself the best cause I don't by any means.... Ok Docs...this is easy.... Act like you never left and just pick up where u left off. Sure there will be some initial...