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    Can a Man be blind and still pull chicks?

    I think you'd really need to develop a talent that transcends your disability, because women and people arent gonna have much sympathy - thats the nature of the beast. Someone mentioned Ray Charles - who wasnt good looking - was blind and still a notorious womaniser, because he made himself a...
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    Dad found my condoms and alcohol

    This. My dad even handed me a joint once, I said to him "I dunno, smoking weed with parents seems wrong", he replies "Don't get too caught up on sensiblities now". He's always let me drink his beer which is pretty chill I guess, some might think thats a bit odd too, but hey whatever. I...
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    how can i improve my looks?

    Well I dont know, where I live we had to have a uniform on at high school, anyway, sod it, it was just a recommendation, who cares what other people are doing, this is all about establishing an identity - and since theres nothing fashionably unacceptable about a leather jacket, I can't see why...
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    how can i improve my looks?

    Strange reaction, the leather jacket has always been the sole "bad boy" item in pretty much any movie - american or not, I can think of, ever, its hollywood visual slang for badass.
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    how can i improve my looks?

    Your face looks more round in that picture, you need to create the illusion of more length I think, thats hard to do without growing it out though. You should work on your clothes mainly, they look baggy and ill fitting, improving your sense of fashion and how you dress will definately...
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    Jeans in the summer.

    www.kinowear.com I'm pretty sure he's a member.
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    Listen, if you don't approach.

    Elstud Bro, the real problem is that you don't have any frame control. Dude, you've even got an entire internet forum to hate on you, and man, if you can't get respect over the internet then how are you going to get it in real life. You can do a million approaches but as soon as a woman...
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    how do you get a gf to get an abortion?

    So how many of you pro-lifers on this thread support the death penalty? Cmon, hands up.
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    the Engaged girl that happened to me...

    She has been playing you as a nice guy friend, has now realised that you have reached the point of over infatuation, the point at which an AFC realises a year down the line that he better start making advances or else he'll never get in there and comes off as creepy, and she is retracting until...
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    gf p1ssing me off so now im going to get her good

    Ha. You want to one up your girlfriend, are you so sad that you have to compete in her games? You're no better than her. The right thing to do, and I'm sure you've been told this already would be to dump her and move on. Grow up.
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    What about the "Booty Call" Damages

    Changing your own mentality in relation to your perception of reality and people is a hard undertaking, I think the vast majority of men at this site WILL FAIL to achieve what they set out to, just like I think you too will fail to achieve not having an interest in as5holes. You're past the...
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    What about the "Booty Call" Damages

    You think by knowing "the game" you can change it? You're even more delusional than I thought, you'll still buy into the same old asshöles until age eventually wears you thin. Guys come here usually because they've been mindfvcked by women like you.
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    What about the "Booty Call" Damages

    Losers that you wouldn't look at as opposed to the *******s you like to fvck, and you'd be a stupid b1tch to deny that. I've been a "once-upon-a-time-loser", yeah it was great fun, I used to be heavy into the PC games and all that bull****, was a happy camper if a girl even looked at me but...
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    need advice

    Go with the flow man. You can't go into these things with a game plan or wanting to over analyse. You'll look insincere and fall flat on your face.
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    Why do women like losers with 0 game, 0 $, 0 looks, 0 power?

    I'll go with the latter to be honest. So many threads here strike me as the "My results suck so I blame (insert something stupid here)", the fact that college chicks are "engaged" or that "dirtbags" get the hotties or whatever. Fictitious bullsh#t really. Or maybe this is just me trying to...
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    Why do women like losers with 0 game, 0 $, 0 looks, 0 power?

    You've got that right, in real life I really am the opposite of charming. Edit: As a loser for the most part of my life I can say that women generally do not even consider losers and dirtbags as a romantic option.
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    Being picky = good or bad?

    I think even if WesCottII's mentality was lacking he at least had a sensible expectation of what was achievable for him at the time. Which is more than we can say to the somewhat delirious Elstud.
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    Being picky = good or bad?

    And I can approach HB10's, it doesn't mean they want to f¤ck me. You're not too picky, you're just trying to justify your failure.
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    Being picky = good or bad?

    ElStud, I bet you couldn't even pull any of the types of women you're listing here. It's not that you are too picky, its that you don't have any skills.
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    My year out....from caring!!!

    These statements coupled together smack of an excellent oxymoron.