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  1. El Payaso

    "You're going to die alone."

    He means a burden on someone else.
  2. El Payaso

    PUA outs himself on Instagram and women lose their ****.

    I don't think that's true. Most women realize the power of their pu$$y by the time they're in their teens. By 20, they're already used to their immense privilege.
  3. El Payaso

    Going on vacation with your sister

    That's a no for me.
  4. El Payaso

    PUA outs himself on Instagram and women lose their ****.

    The reactions to a dude revealing some PUA tactics is hilarious. There are actually women wanting to call the cops on him for attracting women.
  5. El Payaso

    You will never be good enough for any woman.

    There I said it. If you need further proof, just look at Steph Curry's wife. He's a multi millionaire, attractive (no homo), extremely popular, a good father and husband by all accounts. Yet she still wishes she would get attention and validation from random men. You can literally give a woman...
  6. El Payaso

    Jeff Bezos' Ex-Wife Gets $36 Billion In Divorce Settlement

    Yup. $36 billion. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/jeff-bezos-finalizes-divorce-keeps-75-percent-amazon-shares-n991031 There's obviously still a lot more but that is the bulk of what she gets. The crazy part is Jeff Bezos said he still intends to get married again in the future.
  7. El Payaso

    Guys that start a family way too late in life

    Maybe they get a desire to have a living legacy. A testament to their will.
  8. El Payaso

    Thinking about going overseas back home to Armenia and trying to find a wife there

    Once she comes to America, she will become Americanized and turn to the typical woman here. Unless you plan on staying there.
  9. El Payaso

    Circumcision conversation

    I don't think circumcision affects if a woman gets wet or not.
  10. El Payaso

    All I see around me are guys 30+ in a mgtow epidemic

    It doesn't matter. The courts will still give it to her.
  11. El Payaso

    Stop Dating Old Women!

    Also giving them validation too.
  12. El Payaso

    DUMPED over a month ago - Cant seem to shake this sense of loss

    I don't know where you live but if I'm picturing your ex correctly, then women with her body type aren't too common. You would have to move to places like Miami, LA or Atlanta. Out of the country, probably Spain, Greece, Germany etc. I understand how you feel. Every man has a certain body type...
  13. El Payaso

    article: Is 25 The New ‘Invisible Age’?

    Awww....boo hoo hoo.
  14. El Payaso

    If your end goal is a stable, nice family with a loving wife; what is the best way to achieve this?

    The best way to achieve this is moving overseas to a more conservative place like Asia, South America or Africa because you're not gonna find those types of women in the US. Even if you do find one, she'll always have you by the balls because she can easily take away your kids and wealth at the...
  15. El Payaso

    France outlaws catcalling - is "pickup game" next to go?

    "Marlene Schiappa, France’s gender equality minister" Why are you so surprised that a country with such a position would pass that law.
  16. El Payaso

    Gut is telling me GF of 9 months is cheating, but I have no proof. help?

    All signs point to her cheating on you.
  17. El Payaso

    Woman gets probation after hanging toddler and driving over two men

    https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2018/07/17/daycare-provider-who-hanged-toddler-sentenced-minneapolis/791189002/ And they say the court system ain't biased. What a joke.
  18. El Payaso

    FIFA "guides" television networks to greatly reduce the times they show beautiful women in stands...

    Honestly, I like it. I got tired of every crowd shot being some bimbo who knew nothing of what was going on on the pitch. If I wanna see a girl flash her titties, I'd just go to a strip club.